Married vs Single Life

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Marriage and being single share similarities and differences, making the decision subjective and dependent on various factors. Personal preference and opinion are crucial in this choice. As someone who has always been single, I am uncertain about married life but willing to explore it with an open mind. Although my parents, married for 30 years, recognize the challenges they encountered, they ultimately cherish their life together.

I aspire for my married life to be as long and fulfilling as my parents’. It is an act of love and respect to actively listen, especially to those we claim to love, in order to cultivate the relationships we desire. Failing to do so damages those relationships. To lessen frustration and pain, and to experience genuine love and affection, commit yourself fully to listening, honoring, and loving them. Request the same of them without turning it into a competition.

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Allow your personal commitment and growth in both your ability to listen and how you interact with others to inspire them to listen to you or become aware of their indifference towards you. Recognizing this enables you to cease anticipating something from them that will never be obtained. Though it may result in a sorrowful realization, it grants you the liberty to decide how to move forward in life equipped with this understanding. You have the choice to continue in a marriage where your partner disregards their treatment of provides guidelines for maintaining a happy marriage. The guidelines include not being angry at the same time, raising voices only during emergencies, occasionally yielding to your partner’s wishes, prioritizing your partner’s image over yours, expressing criticism lovingly, avoiding bringing up past mistakes, giving priority to each other, offering kind remarks daily, greeting affectionately when meeting, resolving arguments before nightfall, and effectively communicating and seeking forgiveness when making an error. emphasizes that a quarrel involves two people and suggests that talking the most doesn’t necessarily mean having the most sense. It is common for individuals to express reluctance towards marriage due to perceiving it as hard work compared to being single.However, the fear of dealing with the burdensome concept of “marriage” often prevents individuals from pursuing a committed relationship.

Marriage involves hard work as two individuals, coming from diverse family backgrounds, different locations, and with differing perspectives on life, unite in a lifelong commitment. The initial period can be challenging as these differences surface, often leading to lengthy discussions. However, through diligent efforts in open communication, understanding of respective roles, and collaborative fulfillment of responsibilities, marriage becomes an incredibly gratifying journey. It entails a lifelong bond with another individual.

Having a constant companion who will never leave your side creates an unbreakable bond. However, being single is effortless and being in a relationship can bring solace and contentment. Despite this, recognizing the advantages of singleness, such as having plenty of time for personal pursuits, can counteract feelings of isolation.

While activities like ball games, arcades, mall hopping, and food trips are usually enjoyed with close friends, it’s not guaranteed that your partner will have the same interests. However, this doesn’t mean that being in a relationship is a negative thing; instead, I want to highlight the different opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment that come with being single. Being single allows us to prioritize our family, which is one of the most important aspects of our lives. If you value taking on responsibilities seriously, now is the perfect time to focus on your family and dedicate quality time to them.

If you are the primary provider for your family, it is crucial to prioritize their daily needs and demonstrate responsibility. Having personal goals is important, whether you are in a relationship or not. Remember the saying “carpe diem,” meaning “seize the moment.” (

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