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Causes and effect of getting married

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Getting Married
Marriage takes place when two people are legally joined together after obtaining a marriage certificate. Marriage is allowed when an individual is over eighteen years without any restriction. Getting married depends on the country or state you are in and what is acceptable. Some countries accept only opposite sex marriage, while others accept both same sex and opposite sex marriages. Marriage is an individual‘s choice. Getting married is very important for some people. Some people get married for several reasons: for love, for faithfulness, to start a family, and for socioeconomic stability.

First, two people come together for love which is vital in a Marriage. Love brings people together for socialization, and for happiness. Love strengthen marriages, which we see in our daily lives. For example in my marriage I show love to my husband by sharing idea in communication, spending time together, and giving gifts to each other.

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Causes and effect of getting married
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Through these shows respects and acceptance to each other. Love is one of the most key for a strong marriage. Another reason people get married is to be faithful. Married couples should belief and trust in one another. Faithfulness is honoring your commitment. When you are married you are restricted from having multiple partners. Faithfulness protects you from harm, thus getting infectious diseases. Faithfulness is important for a healthy marriage. Next, most people get married to increase their family by having children of their own. Married couples will have children for different reasons: for happiness, to increase in number, as the inheritors, and as the caretaker of them when they will grow old. Having children is optional to some individuals if they do not want them. Some people they do not want to have kids because they do not want children because are scared of extra responsibilities.

Children are motivators that they make you concerned about the future by working hard. Children change family‘s perspective on the world, and keep them committed. Last but not least married couples they have a lot of benefits economically, for example, tax initiatives, sharing bills, family health insurance discounts, and helping each other in babysitting, which is not available for the single people. A couple working full time jobs they earn extra money that they can be able to support their family. Some individuals prefer getting married from same economic level. Money builds a healthy and strong marriage; they are satisfied and having stable relationship. Socioeconomic stability creates quality parent- children relationship; they are able to afford what their children needs, and are able to support them economically. Money is important to successful marriage. Marriage is very important in our lives. We get married to share love, to increase our family, and for socioeconomic benefits. All these are common to most of the married couples. Marriage is optional depending on what one want. Getting married bring an individual happiness, changes one‘s perspectives in the world, and makes you concerned for the future. Marriage is legally acceptable to two people coming together to reunite.

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