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Job Description: HER Manager Lauren Alexis BUSSED: Human Resources Management DRP. Marvel Mar November 23, 2014 will discuss the primary function of my prospective job position hope to have within the next five years. I will describe an HER Manager Job position in detail. The HER Manager directs, plans, and coordinates activities for the faculty and staff of an organization. I will give the necessary requirements that are needed to obtain the HER manager position.

I will explore the tasks, tools and technology, knowledge, skills and abilities, educational requirements in detail to help me obtain my prospective job position of the HER Manager. HER Manager: Tasks There are many tasks that involve the HER Manager. Some tasks include: Helping to resolve work related problems between management and employees; explain and administer contracts to employees. Review and modify benefits policies and compensation programs.

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They need to make sure the policies are in compliance with legal requirements. Inform managers to have policies in place for equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment. Organize and direct new hire orientations, staff trainings, labor relations activities of an organization. Perform difficult duties such as firing, freeing disputes, and administering disciplinary procedures. Recruits new staff, interview applicants, post job vacancies for the organization Distributes compensation and benefits packages.

HER Managers represents organizations at investigations and personal related court hearings. HER Manager: Tools & Technology There are many tools used by the HER Manger. Technology is advancing at a fast pace today, the tools and technologies are constantly changing to stay up to date in this profession. Some tools used by the HER Manager are: desktop computers, personal computers, scanners, notebook computers, surveillance died and audio recording equipment.

Technology used by HER Managers include: Human resources software (Circadian, HAIR, Uniforms Watson Human Resources Manager, Whistles); Enterprise resource planning ERP software (Delete Vision, Oracle Peoples, SAP, Tyler Technologies MINIS); Time accounting software (ADAPT Pay expert, Kronor Workforce TimeKeeper, Soft Tract Micro Timeshare, Stromberg Enterprise); Document management software (Atlas Business Solutions Staff Files, PDF readers; Winnowing); Accounting software (Counterproposal Payroll Relief; Cookbooks; New World Systems Logos. NET; Sage Peachtree).

HER Manager: Knowledge HER Managers must have the necessary knowledge to handle many situations. They must have knowledge of the English language, customer and personal service, education and training, mathematics, psychology, laws and government, personal and human resources, administration and management. Knowledge of the English language involves knowing the meaning and spelling of words, grammar and rules of composition. Knowledge of customer and personal service involves meeting quality standards for services, evaluation of customer satisfaction and customer needs assessments.

Knowledge of education and training involves being able to teach individual employees and groups and the measurement of training effects. Knowledge of mathematics involves knowing algebra, geometry, calculus and arithmetic. Knowledge of psychology involves human behavior and performance, dealing with different personalities, psychological research methods and assessments/treatments of behavioral and affective disorders. Knowledge of laws and government involve knowing the legal codes, precedents, court procedures, executive orders, government regulations, democratic political process and agency rules.

Knowledge of personal and human resources involves knowing the procedures for personnel recruitment, training, selection, compensation and benefits, personnel information systems, labor relations and negotiations. Knowledge of administration and management involves leadership techniques, coordination of people and resources, human resources modeling, strategic planning and resource allocation. HER Manger: Skills and Abilities There are many skills and abilities that are needed to be a successful HER Manager. I will discuss some skills and abilities that are required.

Skills that re required to obtain a HER Manager position are: Being an active listener understanding reading comprehension Knowing how to problem solve and make the best decisions Negotiate differences and be aware of others feelings use logical reasoning and critical thinking Motivate and direct people as they work Abilities that are required to obtain a HER Manager position are: Communicate clearly in writing Understand the speech of others Communicate clearly in speaking Ability to listen to words being spoken Combine information to form general rules or conclusions Ability to come up with plenty of creative ideas

HER Manager: Educational Requirements The educational requirements to obtain an HER Manger job position will vary. It can range from a Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree and a Post baccalaureate certificate. A Bachelor’s Degree normally requires four years of study at a college or university. To obtain a Masters Degree, you would first receive your bachelor’s degree and then go back to school for another two years to complete a masters program. A post baccalaureate certificate is awarded to those who completed a program of study. It is designed for people who completed a baccalaureate degree but don’t meet the acquirement of a Master’s degree.

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