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If you love run intoing others, if you are willing to cover with their jobs and to make everything that is necessary to do them experience great, so you are at the right topographic point. That is what makes the foundation of cordial reception and touristry. Surely, these sectors are rather demanding, yet on the other manus, they besides the 1s that are sing growing and surely the exciting 1s to be a portion of.

You can come in them by educating yourself at our Faculty. We are located in VrnjaAka Banja, a good know Serbian tourer finish with a tradition of over 175 old ages. Our course of studies offer you theoretical and practical preparation with entree to legion hotels, eating houses, travel bureaus and providing companies.

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Tourism as a word brings many lively images and positive emotions related to beach, sand, Sun, H2O, exotics, erotism, escapade, attractive forces, skiing and many other associations. But, it should besides be taken into considerations that many of us besides think of crowds in the airdromes, more or less comfy plane and coach seats while going, pollution caused by transit and tourists themselves, every bit good as terrorist onslaughts in well-known tourer finishs.

It could be said that touristry direction, has merely one end – to convey into harmoniousness the right of people to travel freely with the demand for general sustainability. That will go the cardinal undertaking for tourer organisations of assorted types and graduated tables. We are fixing you to be in charge of them.

Normally it is claimed that all instruction and humanistic disciplines in touristry furuncles down to selling dreams, memories, hopes and semblances. Yet, how to run into those aims today, when the most cherished resources are non any more money, oil or diamonds. The most cherished resource of today is people ‘s attending. The demand for deriving people ‘s attending these yearss goes far beyond the existent attending we can acquire from people. Today, people are occupied with about everything and cipher listens nor wages attending to anyone. The deficiency of attending is the greatest issue that every marketer in cordial reception and touristry faces. Harmonizing to about all parametric quantities, the degree of noise in media has become so intolerable that is has become instead hard for any message to stand out. An mean consumer these yearss is having anyplace between 200 and 5,000 commercials.

Today, we are acquiring more advertisement in one twenty-four hours than our nearest ascendants were acquiring in an full twelvemonth. Throughout our lives we spend tremendous worth of clip onto detecting, listening or reading advertizements. The most of these messages go unnoticed, some of them generate strong antipathy, while merely 1 to 2 per centum is being really noticed. Even if your message gets to the head of a consumer, so it needs to vie with 45,000 to 50,000 ideas that happen in our heads on a day-to-day degree. So, how to sell a tourist merchandise of hotel room? That ‘s something that we will learn you at the Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism in VrnjaA?ka Banja.

However, you are at the age where many other activities draw your attending every bit good. Learning is one of the basic undertakings you will hold to finish and you should non bury about it ; yet, it does n’t intend that you should entirely perpetrate yourselves to it. Live you lives, bask it and make non allow it go through by you unnoticed. Tomorrow, you will be in concern of doing others experience great. How will you accomplish that unless you are non experiencing great yourself at the first topographic point? An old expression goes – pattern is the indispensable ingredient of success! Therefore, we hope that throughout your pupil yearss, love will convey you warmth, while cognition will maintain you awake.

About us

Driven by an thought to make a alone plan in cordial reception that is supposed to back up farther touristry development in Serbia, the University of Kragujevac with the aid of the Republic of Serbia, has established the Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism in VrnjaA?ka Banja in 2011. Surely, one of the chief aims of the Faculty is develop new coevalss of directors prepared to set about on greatest challenges of the modern cordial reception industry. We aim to make so by making a well balanced combination between classical lecture and larning through hands-on experience.

For that ground the Faculty has committed itself to happening the best spouses in the touristry industry, get downing from the well-know hotel ironss and respected circuit operators to organisers of big cultural manifestations and events. The coveted end is to fix our pupils every bit much as possible for enterprises in their hereafter callings, through enabling them to derive priceless experience while still at school.

The Faculty is located in VrnjaAka Banja – a well celebrated Serbian watering place – which attracts tourer for over 175 old ages. VrnjaA?ka Banja is frequently referred to as the “queen of the Continental touristry ” and it is considered to be a place of birth of the Serbian touristry. So far, VrnjaAka Banja has welcomed 100s of 1000s tourers throughout its range history.

Our vision

To advance the Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism as an establishment of academic excellence in learning and making research in the field of cordial reception and touristry.

To educate extremely professional and competitory directors in the field of hotel and touristry direction, who will be guest oriented, every bit good as, advanced and entrepreneurial, efficient and effectual, and capable of working in the environment that is defined by diverseness, uncertainness and rapid alterations. To go one of the most believable academic establishments in cordial reception and touristry instruction in the part of Southeast Europe.

Our mission

To raising and disseminate cognition in a diverse field of cordial reception and touristry both, on the local, every bit good as, international degrees and to fix our pupils to be capable of taking leader places in the cordial reception and touristry sectors.

To carry on and circulate applied research with clearly defined aims to help bing directors in hotel and tourer organisations to take their companies with more success in today ‘s dynamic environment.

To actively function the university, every bit good as, local and international communities through taking portion in assorted activities of significance in the domain of cordial reception and touristry.

Our doctrine

We strongly believe that every person has a capacity to accomplish excellence through acquisition and accepting of moral values in order to go a professional director capable of farther widening his/her ain cognition skylines, while giving a noteworthy part to developing society in general.

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