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John Keats Biographical Speech And Poen Analysis

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Essay, Research Paper

English Literature Biographical Speech

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John Keats Biographical Speech And Poen Analysis
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Keats, John ( 1795-1821 )

English poet, one of the most talented and appealing of the nineteenth century and a seminal figure of the romantic motion.

Keats was born in London, October 31, 1795, and was the eldest of four kids. His male parent was a livery-stable proprietor, nevertheless he was killed in a riding accident when Keats was merely nine and his female parent died six old ages subsequently of TB. Keats was educated at the Clarke School, in Enfield, and at the age of 15 was apprenticed to a sawbones.

Subsequently, from 1814 to 1816, Keats studied medical specialty in London infirmaries ; in 1816 he became a accredited pharmacist ( pharmacist ) but ne’er practiced his profession, make up one’s minding alternatively to be a poet.

Early on Plants

Keats had already written a interlingual rendition of Vergil & # 8217 ; s Aeneid and some poetry ; his first published verse forms ( 1816 ) were the sonnets & # 8220 ; Oh, Solitude if I with Thee Must Dwell & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; On First Looking into Chapman & # 8217 ; s Homer.

& # 8221 ; Both verse forms appeared in the Examiner, a literary periodical edited by the litterateur and poet Leigh Hunt, one of the title-holders of the romantic motion in English literature. Hunt introduced Keats to a circle of literary work forces, including the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley ; the group & # 8217 ; s influence enabled Keats to see his first volume published, Poems by John Keats ( 1817 ) . The chief verse forms in the volume were the sonnet on Chapman & # 8217 ; s Homer, the sonnet & # 8220 ; To One Who Has Been Long in City Pent, & # 8221 ; & # 8220 ; I Stood Tip-Toe upon a Little Hill, & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; Sleep and Poetry, & # 8221 ; which defended the rules of romanticism as promulgated by Hunt and attacked the pattern of romanticism as represented by the poet George Gordon, Lord Byron.

Keats & # 8217 ; s 2nd volume, Endymion, was published in 1818. Based upon the myth of Endymion and the Moon goddess, it was attacked by two of the most influential critical magazines of the clip, the Quarterly Review and Blackwood & # 8217 ; s Magazine. Naming the romantic poetry of Hunt & # 8217 ; s literary circle & # 8220 ; the Cockney school of poesy, & # 8221 ; Blackwood & # 8217 ; s declared Endymion to be nonsensical and recommended that Keats give up poesy.

Last Plants

In 1820 Keats became sick with TB. The unwellness may hold been aggravated by the emotional strain of his fond regard to Fanny Brawne ( 1801-65 ) , a immature adult female with whom he had fallen passionately in love. Nevertheless, the period 1818-20 was one of great creativeness. In July 1820, the 3rd and best of his volumes of poesy, Lamia, Isabella, The Eve of St. Agnes, and Other Poems, was published. The three rubric verse forms, covering with fabulous and legendary subjects of antediluvian, medieval, and Renaissance times, are rich in imagination and phrasing. The volume besides contains the unfinished verse form & # 8220 ; Hyperion, & # 8221 ; incorporating some O

f Keats’s finest work, and three verse forms considered among the finest in the English linguistic communication, “Ode to a Greek Urn, ” “Ode on Melancholy, ” and “Ode to a Nightingale.”


In the autumn of 1820, under his physician & # 8217 ; s orders to seek a warm clime for the winter, Keats went to Rome. He died there February 23, 1821, and was buried in the Protestant graveyard. Some of his best-known verse forms were posthumously published ; among them are & # 8220 ; Eve of St. Mark & # 8221 ; ( 1848 ) and & # 8220 ; La belle doll sans merci & # 8221 ; ( The Beautiful Woman Without Mercy ; first version saloon. 1888 ) . Keats & # 8217 ; s letters, praised by many critics as among the finest literary letters written in English, were published in their most complete signifier in 1931 ; a ulterior edition appeared in 1960.

Although Keats & # 8217 ; s calling was short and his end product little, critics agree that he has a permanent topographic point in the history of English and universe literature. Characterized by exact and closely knit building and by force of imaginativeness, his poesy gives nonnatural value to the physical beauty of the universe. His verbal music is good suited to the alone combination of romantic sentiment and classical lucidity his work expresses.

JOHN KEATS ( 1795-1821 )


1 When I have frights that I may discontinue to be

2 Before my pen has glean & # 8217 ; d my pullulating encephalon,

3 Before high-piled books, in charactery,

4 Hold like rich granaries the full ripen & # 8217 ; vitamin D grain ;

5 When I behold, upon the dark & # 8217 ; s starr & # 8217 ; 500 face,

6 Huge cloudy symbols of a high love affair,

7 And believe that I may ne’er populate to follow

8 Their shadows, with the charming manus of opportunity ;

9 And when I feel, just animal of an hr,

10 That I shall ne’er look upon thee more,

11 Never have relish in the fairy power

12 Of unreflecting love ; & # 8211 ; so on the shore

13 Of the broad universe I stand entirely, and believe

14 Till love and celebrity to nothingness make drop.

The verse form & # 8220 ; When I have frights that I may discontinue to be & # 8221 ; is non one of Keats most celebrated verse forms. The verse form itself is believed to hold been written on Jan 31, 1818 because it is said to hold been sent to Reynolds in a missive dated Jan 31, 1818.

Even though the verse form is a really simple verse form it is really effectual in presenting Keats & # 8217 ; message. Through the great usage of the poetic technique of imagination Keats merely delivers his ideas on life and the frights he has of decease.

In decision, in my sentiment even though this is non one of John Keats & # 8217 ; most celebrated or complex verse forms it is definetly a verse form which outlines Keats & # 8217 ; great ability as a poet and his ability to make romantic Hagiographas.


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