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The Legendary Assassin John Wick

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Wick is an incredible action packed movie about a hit man and a bunch of mobsters. The legendary assassin John Wick decides to retire from his job of pretty much of just killing people that were in the wrong. John Wick is played by the famous actor Keanu Reeves. John retires from his job because he marries his beloved wife. 5 years later his wife dies, but leaves him something to remember her by. She left him a dog so he would not be alone.

John is torn apart by his wife’s death and does not know what to do with himself.

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The Legendary Assassin John Wick
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A couple days later he receives a package and it is the dog that his wife got for him right before her death. He doesn’t know what to think at first because he is confused. The dog instantly falls in love with John. The dog follows john around everywhere he goes, and even sleeps with him at night.

John starts to fall in love with the dog and finds a since of hope and comfort from the dog through his wife. The dog helped him get over his wife’s death because it was a present from her. One day he takes his carto go get gas and there were mobsters at the same gas station.

One of the mobsters goes up to ohn and complements his car and tries to buy it off of him. John instantly turns him down and tells him it’s not for sell. The mobster doesnt take no for an answer and gets mad. He doesn’t know who John Wick really is, so he spits in his face and gets back in his car with the others and storms off. The group ends up following john home so they know where they live so they can come back and take what they want. When they come back at nightJohn and the dog are asleep and the mobsters start beating john until he is knocked out.

When John wake up the next morning his car is gone, but much worse the obsters killed the dog for no reason. John was heartbroken because the dog was the only thing he cared about, and it was helping him with the death. John wants to seek revenge so he wants to find out who all did it and kill all of them. He knows that it was the people at the gas station. He calls around town and figures out that his old boss is the father of the mobster who wanted the car so he tries to make a deal with his boss. He tells him that if he hands over his son that he will not kill anyone else.

His boss declines and tells john he will send all of his best men to kill John. John isn’t afraid and prepares for what he is going to have to do. Later that night hit men of his old boss go to john’s house to kill him. John being the best assassin ever kills all 15 hitmen with no problem. He realizes that he is going to have to leave his house and go somewhere safer. He goes to a hotel for all assassins so he will be safe for now. He tries to figure out how to find the mobsters who killed his dog so he goes to a club down the street and talks to a retired hit man.

The hit man tells him to go to a bar called the “Red O”. John goes to the bar later hat night and finds two of the mobsters that killed his dog. He goes all around the bar dodging cameras so no one will spot him so he can find the son of his old boss. He goes into the basement of the bar and sees him sitting across the room but he is spotted by all the guards and the mobster gets away. He gets out of the bar as fast as he can but runs into a bit of trouble on the way out. He ends up killing all the guards and goes back to the hotel for safety.

He is a little banged up from where he got shot so a doctor from the hotel comes to his room and gives him stitches. While he is sleeping a hit oman sneaks into his room and tries to kill him in his sleep. He hears her come in and they start fighting. It is an epic battle beN1een the two very experienced assassins. John finally gets on top of her and ties her up to get some answers out of her. She tells him exactly where the safe house is where the mobster will be. The next day he goes and takes out the guards one by one and tries to get closer and closer to the son.

Finally, he reaches the son and looks at him in the eyes and says “you killed my dog, so I’m going to kill you” and shoots him, but that wasn’t the end to the killing. John wanted to kill his old boss since he protected his son and tried to kill John. He called his old boss and told his that he was coming for him. He finds out where he is and goes to him. The boss knows he is going to die so he doesn’t bother getting any guards. John shows up and they put down their guns and start to fight. It is a bloody mess, but of course john comes out on top. He now feels that he has gotten his revenge and goes back home to continue his retirement.

In conclusion, I really liked this movie because it was nonstop action and it had n amazing story line. There were really no flaws in this movie for me. The only part did not like is when they killed the dog because it was sad, but like how he stands up for his wife and gets revenge. What the mobsters did was wrong and they deserved to die. This movie can also be a life lesson to do right and always do the right thing. It was a great action movie with also a little bit of romance in the very beginning. My advice to everyone is to watch this movie. It is very entertaining and think everyone who likes action will love it.

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