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Cormac Fitzgeoffrey’s Kin in the Crusades – Part Two


Words: 4145 (17 pages)

Geoffrey the Bastard, who in future would be the father of REH’s rage-filled adventurer Cormac Fitzgeoffrey, was in trouble. He was just fourteen, and his prospects for growing old enough to father anybody didn’t look sanguine. His father, William, who had been among the King of Sicily’s greatest war-captains, was dead in battle with the…

Were the Crusades Worthwhile for the People of Europe?



Words: 1217 (5 pages)

Were the crusades worthwhile for the people of Europe? Religious wars, known prominently by the name of the crusades, were a sequence of battles between Christian and Muslim forces for control of the Holy Lands, in particular, Jerusalem. The battles occurred between the years of 1096 and 1291. Christian forces believed it was the place…

The Crusades: A History


Words: 749 (3 pages)

At the time of the Crusades, the official church had become corrupt and politically motivated. It should be noted, too, that crusaders did not take vows to “go on crusade.” The very term crusade, in English or in any other language, is a much later invention. What we call “crusades,” contemporaries knew as “pilgrimages” or…

King John And Magna Carta



Middle Ages

Words: 1654 (7 pages)

1. How did religion influence the Magna Carta? King John of England had unlimited power and was taking large amounts of money without consulting his nobles. Magna Carta is a document that was created to stop the King from abusing his nobles. According to this document anything related to God is exempt from this rule….

The Impact of the Crusades on the Role of the Church


Words: 675 (3 pages)

The Crusades were a series of political and military conquests led by the Catholic Church to gain back the Holy Lands. There were four crusades of the Middle Ages and the Children’s Crusade. The launching of the Crusades changed the role of the church as it became a military system and the church’s relationship with…

Byzantine Spies and Venetian Sellouts – Part Two


Middle Ages

Ottoman Empire

Words: 2999 (12 pages)

There the mercenary Venetians refused us ships and it sickened my very entrails to see our chiefs go down on their knees to those merchant swine. They promised us ships at last but they set such a high price that we could not pay. None of us had any money, else we had never started…

Byzantine Spies and Venetian Sellouts – Part One



Middle Ages

Words: 2870 (12 pages)

Europe, in the grip of feudalism, was weaker internally than on her borders. The nations were already taking shadowy shape, but as yet there was no real national spirit. In France there was neither Charlemagne nor Martel – only starving, plague-harried peasantry, warring fiefs, and a land torn by strife between Capet and Norman duke,…

Crusades and Paul E. Walker


Words: 665 (3 pages)

Saladin was a prominent figure in the medieval history. He was the most famous of the Muslim military heroes in the world. “His achievements were not limited to the military sphere alone, but achieved across the political, diplomatic and administrative arenas. ”(Bosworth Clifford 2). The explanation of his youth and background, how he became such…

“The Crusades Through Arab Eyes” Short Summary


Words: 871 (4 pages)

The series of wars in which European Christians sought to take, by any means, the holy places under Muslim control between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries AD, came to be known as The Crusades. Various compositions have been written about these wars, but The Crusades Through Arab Eyes by francophone writer Amin Maalouf seeks to…

Essay About Power in the Crusades


Words: 821 (4 pages)

This paper will discuss how Jonathan Riley-Smith’s book The First Crusaders 1095-1131 evidences a different reasoning for the time and cause of the First Crusade. In high school, the brief mention our instructor gave of The Crusades we were taught that it was either for financial gain or for the expanding of a Noble’s lands….

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description The Crusades were a series of religious wars initiated, supported, and sometimes directed by the Latin Church in the medieval period. The best known of these Crusades are those to the Holy Land in the period between 1095 and 1291 that were intended to recover Jerusalem and its surrounding area from Islamic rule.

Start date: 1095

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