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Juvinal Crime Outline

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Juvenal Crime Outline
Thesis: Even though , there are those kinds of minors who really cannot be be helped ; Society needs an option for truly this sick youth . Minors should not be tried as an adult because their brains are not fully developed ; they can benefit from rehabilitation ; and because trying minors as adult is cruel and unusual immoral punishment, minors should not be tried as an adult.I. According to the recent scientific studies, the human brain is not fully developed.

Teens loses tissue in the area of brain and self control . They Do Not Know whether they are doing right or wrong.
Jose – Felt bad immediately after crime.
Teens brains are still growing , they are still learning .
Teens cannot think until they act .
They don’t know how to conduct themselves in court .
Teens don’t recognize the risks inherent in different choices and also think less about the long term consequences of their choices.
Minors can Benefit from rehabilitation .

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Juvinal Crime Outline
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Rehabilitation can help to scare kids from committing a similar crime.
1.Young person released from juvenile prison is far less likely to commit a crime.
2. Recent research demonstrates that transferring children from juvenile court to adult court does not decrease recidivism, and in fact actually increases crime.
B. Punishment is a failed a strategy for changing behavior, teaching new skills, or developing new and more positive attitudes and beliefs.
There should be protection, not taking out vengeance, on children.
Minors should be provided a learning environment characterized by positive, supportive parent-child relationships.
Trying Minors as adult is cruel ,unusual, and immoral.
New scientific information demonstrates that they can not fairly be held accountable to the same extent as adults.
Minors generally have a greater tendency towards impulsive, making unsound judgments or reasoning.
Minors are more likely to be coerced…

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