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In the film An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore, the issue of climate change and its impact on the planet is explored. The film highlights the gradual increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, caused by human activities such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation, which has resulted in the warming of the planet and the melting of glaciers, permafrost, and extreme weather events. The film serves as a wake-up call for viewers to take immediate action in protecting the planet and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The author of the summary is personally affected by the film and hopes that others will watch it and take action to prevent further damage to the planet. The author suggests solutions such as planting more trees, using less electricity, water, and cars, and supporting environmental solutions. The film has made the author realize the severity of the issue and urges others to spread awareness and take action.

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Reaction Paper-An Inconvenient Truth by Al GoreWe people must take attention of what we have, particularly our lone place, the planet which had the ability to turn and is capable of giving everything in being, the one and merely Earth. Earth’s nature is the most cherished gift that God has given us, so in return, we must take good attention of it and non disregarding its clime crisis. Based on the film, it the facts of the differences of Earth’s topography and nature presents compared to the times long ago. The differences of the facts were caused by this challenging planetary heating that alarmed all the people in the universe. This planetary heating is the consequence of the gradual addition of nursery gases in the ozone bed, therefore pin downing the sun’s heat in the earth’s atmosphere.

These nursery gases result from human activities like dodo fuel combustion, and deforestation. By this, we tins see consequences like the thaw of glaciers, permafrost, utmost conditions events, species extinctions, alterations in nature, and etc. Upon seeing this, it turned out to be a wake-up call for me. It made me cautious about this subject, doing me dying for instant aid to our Earth. I hope people will besides experience what I feel for this job. For this is the job that is the hardest for us because it signifies all bing living things are in danger. It’s good to cognize what is stated on the film, that many authoritiess and states supported the Kyoto Protocol’s purpose at cut downing nursery gas emanations. It is such a alleviation for me cognizing that some are besides interested in work outing this job, because we can non do this possible if people won’t travel with you. But many others still ignored this job even though this crisis is really obvious in our nature. I hope they can watch this movie and recognize what is to be realized.

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Everything’s non yet excessively late. We can still hold the opportunity to work out this clime crisis such as seting more trees, use electricity less, use H2O less, usage autos less, and particularly back uping any environment solutions. Because of this film, I now learned what is planetary warming really clearly and made me alarm on this job because I merely know really small about this and I thought it is merely non that troublesome in our lives. I hope this film will be widely watched and embrace people to work up on this clime crisis. Last, all I can state is “Spread the word” .

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