La Cosa Nostra: Secret Society

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Arguably, the most influential moment in American cinema is the final scene in the

When Don Vito Corleone’s son Michael assumes his father’s role, it is depicted in the film “The Godfather”.

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One particularly unforgettable scene involves a horse’s head, which is severed and covered in blood, resting on a man’s bed.

The Mafia, a secretive society hailing from Sicily, thrives on this tradition and brutality.

The functions’ functionality remains unchanged in both Italy and the United States.

One must start to comprehend the origins of this organized crime in order to understand it.

During the medieval times in Sicily, Arabs invaded the land and the native population found themselves under foreign rule.

Sicilians who escaped danger sought safety in the hills and established a clandestine organization. This society was formed by a portion of the fleeing refugees.

Offering protection to individuals in return for payment led to the formation of a group known as the “Mafia”.

The term “Al-Malja” is the Arabic word for refuge, but in America today, it is also commonly known as “La Cosa Nostra”.

“This Thing of Ours.” During the 1700s, affluent individuals would receive a card adorned with a hand illustration in black.

They could expect acts of murder, theft, and violence if they failed to pay the money.

During Mussolini’s rule in Italy, this secret society experienced severe persecution.

Several individuals, including “Don Vito” (a term used to refer to the boss or leader of a Mafia family), migrated to the United States.

Cascio Ferro, also known as the Father of Italian-American organized crime, escaped arrest by fleeing to the United States in 1901.

La Cosa Nostra, also known as the American Mafia, served as a gateway for numerous Italian immigrants to enter the United States.

The current hub of organized Mafia crime in New York is Ellis Island.

The efficient organization of the United States during the Prohibition era led to the emergence of the new American Mafia.

Following the repeal of Prohibition, the Mafia had to discover a new “racket” after the sale of illegal alcohol was stopped.

The Mafia acquired ration stamps from the government during the war and later sold them on the black market.

The Mafia is currently involved in a range of illegal activities, which include overseeing prostitution, unions, construction operations, and gambling.

New York, famously referred to as the “City that never sleeps,” houses the Five Families of New York.

These families possess immense power and influence as criminal organizations, with each holding control over specific territories.

“Rackets.” The Five Families comprise the Gambino, Bonano, Lucchese, Colombo, and Genovese clans.

All members of the Mafia must adhere to a mandatory silence regarding the Family’s operations.

Distinct attributes are what make various families renowned within the code of silence, also known as “Omerta.”

The Genovese family is typically understated, unlike the renowned Gambino family.

Carlo Gambino, the individual who lent his name to the family, never served time in jail.

Despite their preference for maintaining a low profile, this family is connected to several significant events, including the infamous group Murder Inc.

Albert Anastasia, a member of the notorious group of skilled and hired assassins, was responsible for initiating the infamy.

The Gambino family, famous for their high-profile actions, caused a significant amount of attention and conversation.

Recently, the John Gotti case was discussed, which involved the Don of the Mafia who played a central role in this event.

Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, a member of the Gambino family, turned against them and became an informant.

Sammy, as a favor to the police, received a reduced sentence of only five years in jail for committing twenty murders.

Breaking the “Omerta” offense is one of the most severe actions a member can take.

“Don’t inquire about my,” states Michael Corleone to his wife Kay, surpassing any actions the Mafia could possibly undertake.

Every member of the Mafia must learn and adhere to multiple rules without exception.

As mentioned earlier, the importance of Omerta is emphasized along with various established guidelines for one’s way of life.

It is necessary for members to avoid displaying any indications of vulnerability, such as crying or using eyeglasses.

Moreover, there is a perception of women being inferior and disapproval towards a couple’s incapability to have male offspring.

Members must have a crucial understanding of their place, as power significantly affects the business’s operations.

According to an unidentified source, the desire for more things often leads to frequent occurrences of wars.

Making reference to the movie “The Godfather” is highly practical as this movie, which

“won the Academy Award for Best Picture, is highly accurate and professionally portrays the”

In the movie, the American Mafia is depicted. The Five Families engage in conflict over power, money, and resources, resorting to the strategy of “going to the mattresses.”

Drug wars are rare occurrences, with the last one happening over a period.

Ten years ago, there was a war resulting in few casualties but the loss of territory for many families.

This organized crime group is controlled by a hierarchy, with the very top being occupied by the

Don, also known as Boss, has an Underboss and a Consigliere positioned directly below him. The Consigliere serves as a personal advisor.

Advisor serves as the top authority figure, overseeing all operations. Working below them are the Caporegime, who are responsible for managing specific areas.

Unions, docks, or “running numbers” (laundering money) are followed by the soldiers, men.

These hitmen are responsible for enforcing the rules and collecting things due to the Family.

Managers occupy the highest position in the hierarchy and have the responsibility of supervising both supervisors and workers. Supervisors, who report to managers, oversee the activities of workers. Workers, including laborers and assassins, often face stereotypes. Associates hold the lowest position in the hierarchy.

Despite not being officially part of the Family, Associates demonstrate loyalty and provide assistance when necessary.

The Mafia prioritizes loyalty, respect, and power as their utmost values.

Through their common desire for wealth, the Mafia brings people together, leading to questioning about possible advantages.

The essence of entering the Mafia can be described as “assisting individuals and protecting small businesses.”

Ensuring compliance with regulations and generating a significant revenue is essential for businesses to thrive, protecting them from potential financial failure.

Many families have been affected by the significant decrease in power of the Mafia compared to its past.

Currently, within the Mafia, there is no strict hierarchy or chain of command. However, efforts are being made by some older traditional Mafiosi to change this.

Despite their continual attempts to uphold traditional customs, the older Mafiosi consistently encounter resistance from younger members who enthusiastically adopt new traditions and eventually overpower them.

The code of honor once celebrated in Mario is sometimes called “Young Turks.”

Although not extensively focused on the specific crimes associated with the Mafia lifestyle, this paper did highlight certain aspects.

The initial focus of the text is to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the organization and motive behind these crimes.

The organization in Sicily has transformed from a defensive group that prioritizes honor and family to becoming criminal.

Money, power, and family continue to hold great importance for Mafiosi in modern-day America.

While in Sicily, the Godfather explicitly stated that any comments about him should not be assumed to apply to his family.

The Mafia, a powerful and covert organization of sophisticated criminals, continues to maintain substantial influence in present-day society.

They are determined to maintain their power and control over underground markets, even in the new millennium.

The Godfather, a film directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, and James Caan, was released in 1972.

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