The Secret about the Terror in That House

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It was a dark, foggy night. Nothing was stirring, not even a bat. As I walked down the dark street to my friend’s house, I saw the old broken-down, tattered Nelson mansion. As I passed the spooky old house, it seemed like a silence fell over the little town of Hallowville. A bone-chilling wave of cold passed through me as I noticed there was a single light burning in the attic of the abandoned house. As my eyes were glued to the glowing attic window, a dark figure passed by the dirty, cracked window. I shivered and begain to walk faster. Suddenly, a ghose-like figure jumped from the bushes and clamped an icy hand over my trembling mouth.

The deformed figure roughly began dragging my body, paralyzed with fear, through the wet grass and mud towards the old house. When we reached the front porch, the old wooden stairs squeaked under us and I detected a bitter stench coming from beneath the broken planks of wood. As the front door was pushed open, it creaked on the rusty hinges and I immediately heard moaning voices coming from inside. As my limp body was dragged down a hallway, a musty smell seeped into my nostrils.

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Suddenly I was dropped on the floor and found myself alone in the dark. I cautiously got to my feet, tested out my wobbling legs and started to inch down the long, dark passage. Suddenly a screeching creature appeared in the air from nowhere, wrapped itself around my face and bared it’s sharp fangs at my terrified eyes. I threw it off and ran blindly down the corridor. In the darkness, I did not see the wall that I plunged into face first. As I leaned against the wall, it began to turn, taking me with it into the darkness. A chilly breeze passed over me and I shivered in the cold.

As my eyes adapted to the darkness, I could see a white figure in the corner of the room. I slowly inched my way towards it. Suddenly the white figure lunged towards me, with it’s mouth wide open. I clawed at the head of the object and as I made contact with it’s face, it disappeared into the darkness. Several moaning voices suddenly encircled me, coming closer and closer until they were joined by the deafening sound of a chain saw engine. Having regained my senses and filled with the determination to escape, I looked wildly around the room. I spotted a faint light in the direction of the moving wall.

I screamed at the top of my lungs and lunged toward the light, entering the narrow passage I had come through earlier. I again felt the cold rush of icy air as I passed through the exit and as I ran down the corridor, the smell of musty dirt penetrated my lungs. I reached the front door, flew down the broken front stairs and out into the night. I was finally free! I didn’t stop running until I reached the corner where I found my friend standing. She had seen my escape from the house and questioned what I had been doing there. As we walked, she told me all the legends about the Witches’ Cove house. I didn’t share my entire story with her that night and don’t plan to ever reveal everything that went on in the house. Still to this day, I can’t be sure if what happened was real, but I will keep my secret and make sure I never pass by that house again.

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