La relacion and of plymouth plantation compare and contrast

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During the 1400’s, 1500’s, and 1600’s, European explorers ventured to the New World encountering both similarities and differences in their experiences. The stories of La Relacion by Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca and Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford provide a glimpse of these experiences. Despite their differences, the Pilgrims and Spaniards shared many similarities in their journey to the New World. Both groups landed during the winter and faced challenges in exploring the island. However, their first exposures to the Native Indians were very different. While the Spaniards sought help from the Indians and were treated kindly, the Pilgrims were distant and were initially robbed by the Indians. However, their relationship with the Indians improved over time, and they both had different experiences getting to know them. The Pilgrims became more social with the Indians after setting regulations and rules amongst them. Ultimately both groups had their first small harvest which we now call Thanksgiving.

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In the 1400’s, 1500’s, and 1600’s explorers came from Europe to the New World. They came across some of the same challenges and accomplishments, but they also had different experiences as well. In the story La Relacion by Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca and Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford, you can catch a glimpse of these similarities and differences. Although the Pilgrims and Spaniards had differences they were more alike. While La Relacion encounter a lot of sympothy from the Natives, Of Plymouth Plantation encounters a tradition we use now.

Their arrival on the island they both landed during the winter, but had different journies. After four days at sea, Cabeza de Vaca’s ship was caught by a storm. Many of his men died or were unconscious. They weren’t equipped with good food or winter clothes, since they sailed during the cold winter season. Only a few men were left standing after their boat shattered, most of them regained consciousness when they came ashore. On the other hand, the Pilgrims landed safely, for that they thanked god. They too arrived during winter. Because of the weather, it took them a while to restore and remodel there boat. It was hard and almost impossible for them to explore the island by going up in the mountains so they had to do it by foot. They should have been been more wise and prepared but they weren’t. The challenges they had getting to the island weren’t exactly the same but they both did come across certain obstacles.

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Thier first exposures to the Native Indians were very distinct. The Spaniards seeked help from the Indians, and the Pilgrims were distant, not interacting. The Spaniards persued nourishment and the Indians were helpful towards them even after getting robbed by the Cabeza de Vaca’s men. The Indians treated them kindly. They fed them the best they possible could and everyday if possible. The Pilgrims at first were robbed by the indians. There relationship was rocky in the beginning, they kept killing each others men. Suprisingly they were approached by one of the Indian men than spoke broken english. Later on a few more started coming around, to the point where all the indians began getting along with the pilgrims. Even though both first thought of the Indians as savages, they both got along with them. They had different experiences getting to know the Indians, but their relationship with them was the same.

What they did with the indians or what they were made to do, were very diffferent from one another. The Indians thought the Spaniards need to be sacraficed to their idol, so the Spaniards begged not to be killed and to be given another task. The Indians had a lot of sympothy toward Cabeza de Vaca and his men that instead they made them “medicine-men”. Even though they were’nt really into the idea, they learned the Indians techniques. After getting along the Pilgrims became more social with the Indians, but just in case anything happened they set regulations and rules amongst them so that there wouldn’t be any crimes not punished. After setting these rules, they had their first small harvest which we now call “Thanksgiving”.

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