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Lancome Swot Analysis Research Paper StrengthRich

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Rich Experience in cosmetics industry

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Lancome Swot Analysis Research Paper StrengthRich
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Lanc? me has been established in cosmetics market since 1935. Lanc? me merchandises have great assortments. Its merchandises include skin care, make-up and aroma merchandises. In this manner, Lanc? me ’ s experience of bring forthing many different sorts of cosmetics merchandises has been accumulated for 66 old ages. This singular accomplishment can do the clients more confident of its merchandises.

Guaranteed Product Qualification

In order to better the quality of all its merchandises, Lanc? me setup several research centres which collaborate with the international medical community to intensify its apprehension of tegument.

Besides, there are more than 2000 experts working there who are professional in introducing and developing merchandises in respond to either debatable tegument or normal tegument.

High Reputation and Professional Image

These two strengths has non been merely established by rich experience and big graduated table of research centres but besides promoted by celebrated theoretical account, a alone symbol and institutes. First, the celebrated theoretical accounts are regarded as intelligence, beauty and religious symbols in society, for illustration, Uma Thurman and Isabella Rosselini.

They contributed much in developing and advancing the elegant and professional image of Lanc? me ’ s merchandises. Furthermore, the alone symbol, Lanc? me Fragrance Rose, aid to set up a alone and easy to be remembered image of Lanc? me. Furthermore, Lancome setup an institute to supply the clients with comprehensive services such as organic structure, skin intervention, massages and lessons in order to heighten its professional image.


Lack of experience in yo

ungster cosmetics market

Despite the rich experience of bring forthing cosmetics merchandises for grownup, Lanc? me is a new entrant in child cosmetics market. This may negatively impact the clients confident of Lanc? me merchandises.

A fixed and inflexible image

Lanc? me professional image has been established for about 66 old ages. Besides there is no alteration in the image and it has been fixed during this period. This image is chiefly designed for aiming grownup but non youngster. In order to develop child cosmetics market, Lanc? me need to setup a new merchandise line or image, which other

rivals originally possess.


Keen Competition in Cosmetics Market

Recently, the competition in cosmetics market has been really acute. Many cosmetics companies such as Fancl, MaxFactor and Shisheido have started to advance their merchandises by all sorts of media. In order to last, Lanc? me has to develop a new merchandise line to diversify its client type.

Strong Rivals in child cosmetics market

In Hong Kong, there are many well-known cosmetics companies have develop the child cosmetics market for several old ages. For illustration, Kose, ZA and Biore have become the chief dominants in this market section and they have already provided comprehensive child cosmetics merchandises.


The Market section of age group of 10-15 has non yet been developed

In these old ages, many market dominants chiefly develop the middle-aged group clients, for illustration, SK II. However, the market section of child is now been less concerned. In this manner, we may be benefits a batch from taking advantage of this market section.

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