larry page leadership style Essay

Leadership is the ability to get people to follow your lead. Leadership is more than getting people to do what is asked. A good leader motivates people to want to do what is asked.

A leader must provide a clear vision, a direction.They must know where they are going and why. They must communicate that vision clearly and with passion. The passion and logic of the vision must motivate the followers Leadership is a persons ability to manage, lead, guide and control.

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To a person become a leader one must be willing to work with others (team work), have excellent Interpersonal skills and Analytical skills . A true leader should have high moral and ethical standards. A leader must be confident and should have ability to take risks. Good communication and management skill are part of identifying a leader.

A leader should be creative and have ability to motivate others and be self disciplined.One of recent example of leadership was exhibited by New York Mayor Rudolph Guliani after 9-11 terrorist attacked New York City.

With the world in a shock, Guiliani’s leadership calmed the people and aided the rescue and recovery efforts. And he became “Mayor of the world”.

The ability to handle difficult or undesirable tasks with grace is always noticed and rewarded. The Cuban missile crisis is a another classic case of leadership, with JFK on the line. The stakes were monumental, there were choices to be made and only through enlightened judgment and strong leadership was the Leadership is a learned behavior. Rarely is one born with the ability to lead.

Even charisma is learned. Though many may dream of a leadership role, it is often dismissed as” impossible ”. We often think of leaders as a single personality type, “born to lead.” But in reality all that leaders have in common is the initiative and the desire.

There is no one leadership personality. Leaders are forged In my opinion every person has leadership qualities, only the degree varies. And also most of us have shown extra-ordinary leadership skills some time or another in our lives when faced with certain situations. It may be helping a accident victim in a highway or organizing a charity event.

I believe it is not necessary you have to become a CEO of Fortune 500 corporation or president of a country to show leadership. You can become a leader in your own home by helping ,caring and guiding your family members. This will help you when you need assume a leadership role later in life. People with leadership skills are rewarded better than others financially.

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