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Learning Feedback Diary

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Holy Infant Hospital

General Objective

To have an opportunity to apply my knowledge, skills and attitude in giving service, restoration and maintenance of health and wealth through application of basic nursing concept and processes we have learned from school.

Specific Objectives

  • To build up rapport to my patient.
  • To provide initial recognition, stabilization, evaluation and care of the acutely ill or injured.
  • To be able to determine the chief complain and asses for the health status of the client.

Learning Feedback Diary As they say, “correct practice makes perfect.

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Learning Feedback Diary
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” Having my duty at holy infant hospital is a wonderful experience because this is my first time to have my duty here at night shift. I enjoyed staying here because of the new look of HIH. I’m amazed to the new settings, very convenient for the patients to get over with their illness and to the staff to work smoothly and comfortably. I was assigned to be the team leader of our group on the first day of our duty.

I assisted my group mates in their responsibilities. I also experience to be a medication nurse on the fourth day. As usual, I strictly prepare all the medicines and give them on time. And the rest of my day is a bedside nurse.

Getting initial vital signs, giving initial interventions like TSB to the patient having a fever and health educating them to have or to maintain having a good health. Learning by listening and acquiring new knowledge you have learned in practical situations will lead you to your goal – oriented objectives that shall be aided by our motivation in life, which will innervate our success in the future. To Mr. Peter Cabauatan, the support and learnings you’ve shared to us has given great contribution in building our self motivation. Thank you and god bless.

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