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Legal and Ethical issues of United Hospital in Bangladesh

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With state of the art technology and expertise combined with the support of friendly staff, United Hospital Ltd strive each day to be the top healthcare reviver, not only in Bangladesh but also within the Asia-Pacific region. The most esteemed doctors in their respective fields staff cardiology, Genealogy, orthopedic and Pediatrics departments of United Hospital Ltd. United Hospital has retained the top position in local hospital in Bangladesh.

Among the top five private hospitals in Bangladesh United hospital is one of them.

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Legal and Ethical issues of United Hospital in Bangladesh
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Figure: Top Five Private Hospital in Bangladesh Organizational Structure of united Hospital Limited Company Name: United Hospital Limited. Country: Bangladesh Address: Plot 15, Road 71, Goulash, Dacha-1212 Bangladesh. Business Type: Healthcare & Hospital. Focus: Cardiology, Genealogy, Orthopedic and Pediatrics. Year Established: August 2006. Chairman: Mr.. Has Manhood Raja.

Technology Brief information on some of the major equipments installed in the hospital to provide you with “better than the best” service are given below: The Radiology Department provides extensive services to patients with the latest state-of the art equipments including true 64 Slice CT Scanner and the 1.

5 High Definition MR. system. The department is also equipped with other latest machines like the digital mammography, MAMMA and mobile x-rays AD, color and portable ultrasound. VT: 64 Slice CT Scanner System is the world’s first clinical volume CT system that represents a revolution in CT scanning.

HEAD: Signal EXCITE 1. 5 T (HEAD) with 16 Channel MR. system is a comprehensive and scalable platform for premium performance in neuromuscular, cardiovascular, abdominal and orthopedic imaging. It is the only high definition MR. system available in Bangladesh. The ultra clean pre- fabricated Modular TO with world class Borehole TO Light with Cam vision. The Innovate 2000 Flat panel digital cardiac-vascular imaging system is a fully integrated system. Laboratory equipments include: Sophisticated & Accurate Olympus ALLS 640 Biochemistry Analyzer.

Sesame Homology Analyzer. Abbott Multimillionaire. Saba’s Electrophoresis Analyzer. Services of United Hospital Endocrinology: LULL has one of the largest group of renowned endocrinologists who evaluate and treat patients for endocrine and metabolic disorders. State-of-the-art diagnosis and therapy options available for endocrine oenology patients at LULL include clinical dietetics, grave’s ophthalmology, high-resolution imaging (MR., CT), hospital nutrition consulting services, infertility/androgyny services and many more.

Mother & Child Care Center: Mother and Child care center offers specialized service under renowned proficient and skilled doctors to ensure baby is in safe hands. It provides 24 hours Obstetrics & Genealogy, Neonatal and Pediatrics emergency service with some facilities such as apothecary unit, closed incubator / radiant warmer. General Surgery: United Hospital’s Department of Surgery consists of experienced surgeons and anesthetic team who are ready to give outstanding seen/ice in Bangladesh.

The mission of the department of Surgery is to provide best possible service to patients with special emphasis on ethics and quality. United Cardiac Center: The cardiology division of United Cardiac Center has got modern electro medical equipments and appliances which includes 2 categorization laboratories and 22 critical care beds to carry out every necessary procedures related to diagnostic & international cardiology.

Intensive Care Unit: United Hospital provides 24 hours supervision under guidance of highly trained consultant with 10 years overseas experience in CICS, 24 hours presence of internist and ICC doctors , 24 hours presence of internist and ICC doctors , 24 hours trained nursing staff for each individual patient, central monitoring system, hi-tech vital sign monitor for every patient.

Gastroenteritis: The department of Gastroenteritis offers non-invasive treatment through the POD LULL offers to treat patients suffering from peptic ulcers, tumors& perforations, various types of Castro-intestinal surgery along with operating facilities for patients suffering from pancreas and liver related diseases. Embryology: The Division of Embryology at United Hospital works closely with other specialists, including cardiologists, endocrinologists, pharmacists, nurses, dietitians to deliver high-quality, cost-effective care to patients who suffer room problems involving the kidneys.

Dental Centre: To meet the demands of its in-patients as well as a large number of patients within the community a new dental center has become operational on 2012. Dental service includes scaling and polishing, tooth color restoration, full mouth rehabilitation, cosmetic filling, dental crown and bridge, root canal, smile makeover, dental CT scan, dental clearance for cancer patients and may more. Critical care unit: United Hospital has the largest critical care unit in Bangladesh. Those patients are critically ill they are admitted its critical care unit.

Critical Care team is concerned with providing the life Support of organ Support systems in the shortest possible time to the patients who are critically ill and who usually require intensive monitoring. Emergency Service: There are accident and emergency service department of united hospital. The department is a 24-hour, full service emergency department, responding promptly with the highest degree of commitment to delivering quality emergency care. This department is the mirror of Lignite Hospital where mostly very critically ill and injured patients are received and managed.

Joint Replacement & Arthroscopic Center: united Hospital’s Joint Replacement & Arthroscopic Center comprises of experienced and highly qualified surgeons. Legal issues are followed by United Hospital United Hospital follow the following law which are the primary law for Healthcare service of Bangladesh: The Drug Act, 1 940 The Pharmacy Ordinance, 1976 The Medical & Dental Council Act, 1 980 The Medical Practice & Private Clinics & Laboratories (Regulations) Ordinance 1982, The Bioengineering’s Council Ordinance, 1983 Bangladesh Drug Control Ordinance, 1982 BSTJ ordinance, 1984/85. 8 The Promises of United Hospital Quality: Operating at the highest standards of safe and ethical practices and demonstrating continuous improvement. Effectiveness: Selecting the most appropriate services to produce the desired health outcomes. Integration: Providing clear pathways by ensuring collaboration, consultation, and effective communication with health service providers. Caring for the Community: Promoting health and providing care based on a commitment to wellbeing of the patients.

Caring for Our Staff: Caring for the health of our staff and developing a culture of trust, and training for personal growth. Research and Training: Providing an environment that promotes personal development, learning research. Problem Statement United Hospital was born in 2006 with a vision to provide a comprehensive, one stop solution to the people of Bangladesh. It is one of the largest private sector healthcare facilities in Bangladesh. With a covered area of 400,000 square feet, the hospital is committed towards catering the various needs Of the patients.

Located beside the beautiful Goulash Lake, along with the state of the art technology, expertise and friendly staff United Hospital strives each ay to be the top healthcare provider in the Asia Pacific region. As time went by, United Hospital has gone a long way towards achieving its goal. United Hospital is well known for providing its clients with the latest facilities available in healthcare. In the 8 yearlong journey of United Hospital, it had to go through many hurdles. The Hospital was successful in maintaining goodwill in the market.

That is one very important strategy in order to survive in the competition, especially in this sector. Medical care is considered as a very sensitive matter. This is one such thing that no one will take for granted. Many hospitals in our countries have a very bad reputation of giving the wrong treatment to the clients. This record has made it harder for the hospitals to establish in our country. This is one of the main reasons why many people are traveling to various corners of the world and spending a lot of money on their healthcare.

The standard of healthcare in our county has become better than before, but still that is not good enough to satisfy the clients psychologically. United Hospital has managed to convince their clients that they take good care of their clients. Since they do not have any major cord of accident, customers are willing to pay more to get their services. The customers are overall satisfied with the performance. Besides this, United Hospital does not have any record of being linked with any sort of corruption or illegal activities that we, the people of Bangladesh see every now and then.

In order to be a leader, the Hospital must maintain its goodwill of providing correct treatment and not using any unfair means at the same time. As it does not have any bad record, people do not make much noise about the unethical issues that are there within the hospital. The number of Hospitals compared to the patient in our country is very less. That may be one reason why we do not get proper service. I think the expectation is also low from any hospital that is located in Bangladesh. United Hospital is well known for satisfying its clients with quality medical care.

Since it is providing quality, many of its unethical issues are perhaps considered. We have listed a few unethical issues that relate to United Hospital. They are: 1 . Location Factor: United Hospital is located in one of the finest locations in Dacha. With its highly designed and engineered building located right next to he Goulash Lake, United Hospitals is serving its customers with excellent services. The services provided by United Hospital are by far one of the best in Bangladesh. But the great question arises here that to what extent is it ethical to operate a hospital in a residential area.

Goulash is considered as one of the most exquisite residential areas in Dacha. The place is very famous for having high class people who usually want to live a luxurious life. Most people in Goulash would not likely compromise their living standards. Even after all these, a hospital is built in a residential area. The people of Goulash society have not taken any major action towards this issue. Perhaps a reason behind this would be the extreme power of the board of directors of United Hospital.

Many of the board of directors are also residing in Goulash. Some of the problems that the people of Goulash are facing are listed below: People of the area find it hard to travel during the time when patients are carried to and from the hospital. Sometimes the Hospital authority blocks the road adjacent to the hospital and therefore the residents of the area find it difficult to travel. Even though United Hospital is not directly dumping any waste trials in the lake, some waste materials are dumped to the lake.

Even though the quantity is very less, but hospital wastes are very toxic and harmful for the environment. Another major problem happens to the people who are residing beside the hospital. Sometimes, the hospital parking gets full. At that time, the hospital authority accommodates its vehicles on the adjacent roads causing a lot of traffic jams. Traffic jam not only hampers the people living nearby, sometimes, I have seen many ambulances stuck in traffic or a long period of time. This is a high risk that the hospitals are taking.

Ethically speaking, this is one issue that should not be compromised at any cost. In countries all over the world, hospitals follow different types of rules regarding their location. The area of the hospital varies. But in no countries do we see any hospital in the middle of a residential area. This is a very unethical issue but unfortunately very few people are actually bothered. Even if they are bothered, their numbers are too minute to cause any impact on it. 2. Charging the customers excessive 3. No transparency in the bills and reports 4.

Doctors recommending their patients to liked people/organizations. Purpose of the study From a broader point of view, our objective is to understand how United Hospital established their business in a residential area and creating problems that are hampering the daily life of the resident of that area. Literature Review: As a comprehensive World Class Cancer Center, United Hospital has recently added, in addition to the existing Linear Accelerator, the latest technology for cancer treatment – The Trammel System (Dry Sashimi Kumar Sanguine, 2013).

United Hospital has been rated for Advance in technology as potential in the status of occurrence and the probability of impact is moderate for the capital. Ignited Hospital’s Accident & Emergency Department is considered to be one of the best in Bangladesh and will continue to improve in terms of providing the best care for our valuable patients (Dry Mohammad Shafting Islam, Dry Abdullah AY Faro, 2013). United Hospital stands tall in a fiercely competitive world of healthcare.

Honestly, dedication and sincerity re the hallmark with which it distinguish itself from the rest of the pack (Dry Mambo Raman Khan, Hanukah Ahem, 2013). Change in inflation has been rated uncertain for United Hospital as it is health care industry inflation plays very little role to affect the operation of their service (Seed Morning Zamia, Supervisor CARD). The Cardiac Center of United Hospital which has the latest medical equipment along with international standard cardiologists & cardiac surgeons to manage almost all sorts of cardiac diseases (Dry. A. M. Suffice, 2013).

The audience that United Hospital has established a Comprehensive Cancer Care Center run by an expert team of internationally reputed oncologists with the latest machineries. He focused on the high-end treatment Of cancer including the use of Rapider, the only one in Bangladesh (Dry. Md. Rasher I-JNI Nab, 2013). United Hospital has ranked number 6th among all hospitals in Bangladesh and 76th in world ranking according to (http://hospitals. Websites. Info/en/Asia/Bangladesh). Hypothesis The derived hypothesis: HO. The location of United Hospital is causing no problems to the resident of Goulash.

HI : The location of United Hospital is causing problems to the resident of Sultan. Methodology Research Design 1. The method of date collection. The researcher questions the subject and collects the response by personal or interpersonal means. In this case, we used several questionnaires upon individuals and found out their views on the research topic. 2. The time dimension. The study is conducted Only once and the same study is not to be conducted again in the future. Thus, the time dimension of the study is cross sectional. 3. The topical scope – breadth and depth of the study.

The study attempts to capture populations’ characteristics by making interferences from a sample’s characteristics. The hypotheses have been tested quantitatively in our study. 4. The research environment. Field setting: In our study we have worked with real individuals who living in close to United Hospital. 5. The participant’s perception of research activity. The participants did not perceive any change in their routine while giving us information to conducts our research as they could complete the questionnaire in their own convenient timetable.

Sample Sample Size 30 Sample Unit Individuals who are living in Goulash Sample choosing procedure Non-probability sampling (Purposive sampling) Our research topic is the location problem of United Hospital. And for this research we took a sample of 30 people. That means our sample size is 30. We have five members in our group and each member deal with 6 samples. When we choose our samples, we took those people who living in Goulash. So, our samples are individuals who living in Goulash. Out of 30 samples, we have 7 female and 23 male samples.

Our sample selecting ‘choosing procedure is non-probability sampling cause there is no chance to choose a individual for sample who has no connection with this location problem of United Hospital. And we know that, Non-probability sampling is any sampling method where some elements of the population have no chance of selection (these are sometimes referred to as ‘out of coverage’/under covered’), or here the probability of selection can’t be accurately determined. And in non- probability sampling our sampling producer fall into purposive sampling cause we chooses the sample based on who we think would be appropriate for the study.

Instruments The instrument that was used to collect data was 3 point Liker scale. A Liker scale is a psychometric scale commonly used in questionnaires, and is the most widely used scale in survey research, such that the term is often used interchangeably with rating scale. When responding to a Liker questionnaire item, respondents specify their level of agreement to a statement. The range of the Liker scale was 3 to judge the level of agreement of the respondents. Data Collection In our research, we have used 1 type of data collection. 1 .

Primary Date collection: For our primary data collection, we used data that we collected from the respondents of our research. We went to each respondent individually with the questionnaire and they filled it up with our assistance. We then gathered the date that we got from the respondents. Significance of the study United Hospital is one of the largest and well-established hospitals of our country. They have a very good reputation in our society. They have their own building for their service in Goulash, which is the biggest building of that area.

But the thing is that, Goulash is not a commercial area. It is a residential area. And the residents of that area are facing many problems that are caused by united Hospital. But people can’t do anything or can’t say anything because United Group is a very large and very strong company of our country. Conclusion: There are many unethical practices that are happening all around us. Many of us have a tendency of doing unethical things just because others are doing it. This is not at all a good symptom.

If we are talking about United hospital, there are many unethical issues that we have addressed. However, we had the opportunity to work with one of the major issues that we thought was unethical from our knowledge that we have gathered from the course Legal and ethical issues in business. These unethical practices are not only happening in United hospital, there are few common unethical practices that are openly followed by many hospitals in Bangladesh. As an educated citizen Of the country, we cannot fold our hands and tolerate unethical practices that are happening around us.

We have addressed a few unethical issues practiced in United hospital and believe that we were capable to prove the level of ethics practiced in the respective organization as low. We do not to see any change if the addressed issues are not taken care of immediately. We believe that if we really want a change, then we the young generation should speak up and unite against all illegal and unethical issues around us. While preparing this report, our eyes have opened a lot regarding these issues and we hope anyone who goes through this report would likely feel the same. Recommendation:

In the view of above detail findings, discussion on the key findings and subsequent conclusions, a number of recommendations have been offered. It is suggested that the offered recommendations are prioritize before going into action. Some recommendations have policy implication and so those should be dealt with carefully with inclusion of strong policy advocacy strategy in the process. For the purpose, several policy areas are important that include: Improvement of social responsibility: Not only the United Hospital but also the others important hospital should maintain the social responsibilities.

Reasonable billing system: The private hospital in Bangladesh should provide a reasonable billing capacity so that the lower class people can get change to go there and get the healthcare facilities. Provide better healthcare: There are many hospital in Bangladesh but most of them do not provide the better healthcare that actually they should do. Reduce unnecessary costing: Most of the private hospital added a numbers of unnecessary costing so that the patients of that hospital suffer a lot. Follow the rules and regulation: All the private hospital in Bangladesh should follow the government rules and regulation.

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Legal and Ethical issues of United Hospital in Bangladesh. (2018, Apr 23). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/legal-and-ethical-issues-of-united-hospital-in-bangladesh-2/

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