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Legalization of Prostitution

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Legalization of Prostitution “No person’s human or civil rights should be violated on the basis of their trade, occupation, work, calling or profession. ” (Prostitution Act of 1996) With this quote, we can clearly see that prostitution is a lifestyle and a pursuit of happiness, which is constitutional. Now through three points of analysis, this “so called problem” can be solved with just a few allegations. The first point of analysis is that if prostitution is legalized, it will open a job market and it will boost the economy by taxing said job market.

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Legalization of Prostitution
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Secondly, by it being legalized, we will be able to regulate the health of those individuals, therefore ridding the hysteria of HIV being spread by the masses. Thirdly, we will be able to track them if they go missing or have been killed, also so we can alert their family. By this method, we will be able to make one of the world’s most oldest and dangerous professions safer.

Prostitution is the provision of sexual services for negotiated payment between consenting adults.

So defined, prostitution is a service industry like any other in which people exchange skills for money or other reward. (Prostitution Act of 1996) With that being said, legalizing prostitution will assure the rise in jobs and will put more people back to work. The economy has a huge deficit so with prostitution being legalized; it will ensure a more stable future for a majority of the population. It would be beneficial for the government by having the women who participate in prostitution to be taxed for their services, which will give the government more money.

Also, by having prostitutes, we will need people to keep track of them, which will open up more jobs. By legalizing prostitution, it give us more jobs, it will bring in more money seeing that Japan and Thailand combined are bringing in over 60 billion dollars just from the sex industry. (The Stats Behind Prostitution) “HIV infection rates tend to be stratospheric among the nation’s streetwalkers. In Newark, New Jersey, 57 percent of prostitutes were found to be HIV-positive; in New York City, 35 percent of prostitutes were HIV-positive; and in Washington, D.

C. , almost half of all streetwalkers were found to be HIV-positive. ” (Bovard, James) With this statistic showing that without proper regulation of prostitutes, we will not be able to contain HIV positive people. Therefore: we will not be able to administer proper healthcare to said prostitutes because some may not be able to afford the medicine. So if it is regulated by the government, we will be able to keep track of the HIV positive prostitutes and be able to give them the proper medication.

Along with this, we will be able to make sure that all of them are practicing safe sex so they will not pass on their disease. If a prostitute is found to be HIV positive, we can alert their partners and they can get the proper treatment. According to Louis B. Schlesinger, professor of forensic psychology at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, unlike breaking into a house and killing someone, abduction is easy. Prostitutes are Easy Targets for Serial Killers) This can be shown by multiple serial killer cases such as Jack the Ripper: because most of his victims were prostitutes which shows how easily they can be taken and killed without anyone noticing. Along with many modern day cases where a body is found floating in a river and then later finding out that the woman was a prostitute without notice for multiple weeks would decrease if prostitution was legalized.

Since this body would not have been found for several weeks, it is less likely that she would have been identifiable if we had no records of who she was or who her family was. By legalizing prostitution, we would be able to keep track of them and we will be able to notify their family if they go missing. Also, this will decrease the murder rate seeing the prostitutes would not be such an easy target like they used to be since crime rate will go down. Not only that, but human trafficking will go down as well since they will be closely monitored by the police. There are some unscrupulous people in all walks of life -government, law, journalism, banking, law enforcement, the stock exchange, medicine, the clergy, prostitution, etc. If every profession were criminalized when some of its members broke the law, there would be few legally sanctioned professions. Unscrupulous people should be summarily dealt with by the law, regardless of which profession they corrupt. ” (Prostitution Act of 1996) As this quote suggests, all public offenders should be convicted of their crimes.

If legalized, the police can spend more time investigating and tracking more important victims instead of busting whore houses. Also, jails wouldn’t be filled with unnecessary people and it would give the jails more room for more serious offenders of the law instead complaining of not having enough room for said serious offenders. In conclusion, it is easily justifiable by the evidence provided that prostitution should be legalized. How is this justifiable? Reasoning one, by axing the business of prostitution, we will be able to boost the economy and the job market. The next reason is that we will be able to monitor their health and test them for HIV so it will not spread. Finally, one of the last reasons is for their protection in order to be able to prevent human trafficking and the deaths of many innocent women. “Since the ACLU policy is that prostitution should not be made criminal, solicitation for prostitution is entitled to the protection of the First Amendment. ” ( The American Civil Liberties Union)

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