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Dear Editor,I’m so glad for someone finally decided to teach these billboard turf – mongers a lesson. The debate on billboard ethics is not a recent one. It’s as old as probably the idea of selling thought, ideas or products through these billboards.

Agreed, this era is marked as that of “consumerism” where choices are at large made available through advertisements. But this growing culture of billboards all over the city however makes me very nervous. It invades my privacy as much as the telemarketers do. Although I have a choice of slamming down the receiver on the latter’s face, I’m afraid I’m given little or no choice of avoiding the billboard haunters.

I may also like to bring this to the attention of our readers that the billboard advertising once worn out is very conveniently dumped into the landfills silently playing havoc with our lives. I’ve grown in Albuquerque and will not buy “private property” as an excuse to tarnish my city and devalue our landscape. What’s even more annoying than these eyesores lifted in the air is the hypocrisy of the environmentalists, who try advocating us on ways of environment preservation, through these very environment destructive billboards. When the administration takes a back seat in a grave situation like this, one is forced to take an extreme action like that of burning down these monsters.

 Having said, I cannot simply resist talking about the offensive nature of most of these billboard advertising. The constant propaganda of seeking perfection through many billboards – a perfect body, a perfect woman, a perfect man, etc. etc., somehow makes me feel let down.

I just have one word for whoever burnt down these rather odious billboards – BRAVO! Sincerely, (Mark Brown)

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