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Letter of Intent: Applying to Graduate School

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To whom this may concern, This is to signify my intent to pursue a graduate degree in education.  I have been serving the United States Navy for the past 24 years as staff of the Blood and Marrow Transplant Services Section and I now would like to further enhance my teaching capabilities in the field of nursing.  I currently have several years’ experience of teaching blood and marrow transplant colleagues, patients and family members, yet I still notice that there is still a significant portion of the class that is unable to fully grasp the subject.

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Letter of Intent: Applying to Graduate School
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We are currently collaborating with transplant, research and educational teams in designing a teaching method that will be easier to deliver to students, and more importantly, that will generate a condensed syllabus that would convert the vast amount of information into a very comprehensible format for patients and staff to appreciate and apply to their routine lives. My objective in applying to this graduate school is to acquire new tools that will facilitate me in my career as a nursing educator.

  I would also like to learn techniques in teaching aspects of interpersonal relationships, such as compassion and kindness.  I consider my passion for nursing and teaching as an advantage, and exemplified by the satisfaction I personally feel when I actively take part in shaping and molding an individual’s life and career choices.

I am aware that education has no boundaries, no limits and no parameters- hence an educator’s capabilities in teaching his students are also limitless.  After receiving my Master’s degree at this same institution last March, I am now doubly driven to excel in my field, of which I can only imagine to be successful and complete once I earn a graduate degree in education.  I am also inspired to show my two-year old granddaughter that education is a priceless privilege that no one can take away from you. My dream of becoming a teacher has been evident even during my younger years.

I remember announcing during grade school that I wanted to be just like my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Barnett.  I would also mimic my grandmother’s mannerisms and styles of teaching during summer vacations.  In high school, I was selected as a teacher’s assistant, and I voraciously imbibed techniques in organization, classrooms structure, grading and tutoring.

Then right before high school graduation, my mother expressed her concern that teaching is a noble profession but its pay does not compensate the actual value of the profession.  Nursing, on the other hand, pays better, and allows me to go anywhere and receive better benefits.  My mother was also aware of the compassion, kindness and care that I would extend to my ailing grandparents, and I would even be most compassionate after their deaths.  The sense of nurturing fills me with personal satisfaction.

As per my mother’s wishes, I earned a B.S. degree in Nursing, yet with some tinge of rebellion.  Right after, I entered the U.

S. Navy and was assigned the rank of Commander.  I was soon after promoted to Reserve Training Officer, with the major responsibility of developing a teaching plan for over 200 enlisted and officer medical personnel on caring for the sick and wounded during combat.  I was selected to serve as Officer-in-Charge of the Houston Reservists during Operation Desert Shield/Storm, which involved large-scale healthcare activities for wounded troops, as well as prisoners.

My acceptance to this graduate program will serve as a major step towards the realization of my dream of becoming a highly-trained educator in the field of nursing.  I am strongly motivated to employ all the tools and knowledge that I have earned from the Master’s program and further enhance these with the lessons and techniques that I will learn from the graduate program.  I believe that I am intellectually, mentally and physically prepared for this next level of education.  In addition, I am confident that my recommenders have more than adequately addressed my qualifications to your graduate program.

And most importantly, my highly focused goal in completing this graduate program will serve as a good match as to what the University of Phoenix has to offer. I look forward to hearing your positive respond with regards to my application to the graduate program. Sincerely,   Goldie J. Brown4118 Teal Run DriveHouston, Texas 77021713-842-9045

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