Liberty University Missions

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With my perspectives on life and morality, I can contribute to Liberty University’s missions in numerous meaningful ways. I believe that my purpose in life presents an opportunity for me to make a positive impact on others while following God’s divine calling. As a child of God, it is my responsibility to embody the teachings of Christ under any circumstances. Being raised as a pastor’s daughter has given me valuable insights into life and morality, greatly influencing the way I live.

I maintain a positive outlook on life and morality to ensure that my devotion to Christ is always clear and not overlooked. These viewpoints will enable me to make significant contributions to Liberty University’s missions and allow God to utilize me for His glory. My understanding of morality extends beyond mere teaching; it involves actively living out those values and principles in my daily life. I believe that morality provides the motivation and purpose behind my involvement in the mission.

My belief in morality aligns with my perspectives on life, resulting in an overarching vision. I have utmost confidence that this vision will provide opportunities for me to positively impact people across the globe. Consequently, I am certain that my views on life and morality will enable me to actively contribute to Liberty University’s mission and prioritize the divine vision entrusted to me by God.

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