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Trauma results when individuals are exposed to unexpected events that may create immense fear and a feeling of helplessness. Such events are likely to stick in the minds of victims causing conflicting emotions, such as powerlessness, sadness, resentment, shame, anger, and fear. Domestic violence is an example of trauma that has been on the rise among families within our society. Survivors of domestic violence can be taken through certain treatment options that can help them lead a more comfortable life.

A victim may use medication, spiritual interventions, and psychotherapy, which increases the odds of attaining desired results. This research explores the manner in which spiritual perspectives can be combined with medication and psychotherapy treatment options to attain desired outcomes. Introduction Psychological or emotional trauma emerges following extraordinary nerve-racking events that instill a strong sense of vulnerability and helplessness in a dangerous world. Most traumatic experiences are characterized by an imminent threat to an individual’s safety or life.

However, any situation that gives an overwhelming feeling can cause trauma, even without physical harm. Traumatic experiences are likely to cause persistent frightening memories, upsetting emotions, and a sense of constant danger. Trauma also diminishes an individual’s aptitude to trust other people with constant numb feelings. Individuals may take elongated time to overcome hurt and feel secure once again.

According to Levers (2012), domestic violence is among the experiences that can lead to the emergence of trauma. Survivors of domestic violence can be taken through certain treatment options that can help them to lead a more comfortable life. Spiritual interventions can be combined with medical interventions, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to treat trauma from domestic violence. This research explores the manner in…

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