A Short Story About Kindness

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Long ago, a pair of young boys set out on a hunting adventure equipped with their bows and arrows. Their objective was to locate small creatures like squirrels or deer. Nevertheless, after hours of walking, they failed to come across any animals.

Feeling hungry, they noticed a blackbird perched on a tree. They swiftly aimed an arrow at the bird and proceeded to build a fire for roasting and devouring it. After satisfying their hunger, they intended to resume their hunting. The aroma of the cooking meat aroused their appetites even further. However, as the bird neared perfection, an unexpected encounter occurred – a woman emerged from the surrounding trees, approaching them.

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She donned a white dress that draped down to her feet and adorned her hair with blossoming flowers. The sight of her made the boys apprehensive as she approached the flickering flames. Expressing her hunger, she spoke to them. Being raised with an understanding of the significance of showing respect towards women, the boys removed the roasted bird from the fire and presented it to her. Without hesitation, the woman accepted their offering.

The boys greeted the woman with a “thank you” and she responded with a “you’re welcome”. Afterwards, she settled by the fire and consumed all the meat from the cooked bird, leaving the boys in awe.

Even though they were hungry, the boys stayed quiet. When the woman finished eating, she smiled and stood up, indicating her readiness to leave. She praised the boys for being kind and generous by sharing their food. As a way of showing gratitude, she suggested that they stop hunting for the day and go home immediately.

Leave the fire to me – I will extinguish it. Return to this exact location tomorrow and observe what you discover.” The boys grasped their bows and arrows and departed, journeying back to their village. They remained hungry and were aware that their families would be displeased by their failed attempt to procure fresh meat during the hunt. On the following day, the boys reappeared as instructed by the woman. They surveyed the spot where their fire had previously resided, yet discovered no remnants of ash or charred debris. Instead, peculiar plants with sizable yellow stalks had engulfed the ground.

The boys were amazed at what they had never seen before. They decided to pull off a few stalks and take a sniff. The scent was pleasant. As a result, they began removing their clothes.

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