Shakespeare: Portia’s Kindness Out Shines Character Analysis

Portia is a rich and beautiful woman who has to host a “game” for suitors to win her hand in marriage. There are currently six suitors in her house and Portia tells her servant Nerissa to choose one and she will say what she does not like about them. Once that was done; Nerissa walked down to the suitors and mentioned that it was be great if they left, so they did. The next person to come to the house was the price of Morocco, after him was the prince of Arragon, and lastly to show up was Bassanio, Portia’s true love.

Portia does not judge the princes and Bassanio by their color or race. Once Price Morocco show he tells Portia no to judge him by his color and she does no. Portia replies by saying, “In terms of choice I am not solely led-By nice direction of a maiden’s eye-Besides, the lott’ry of my destiny…” (II, i, 13-22). The quote shows that Portia is open-minded and does not care for someone’s exterior look. This part in the book is very contradicting for Portia as she “sends” away six suitors by say what annoys her about them, and yet holding her tongue when Prince Morocco gets there.

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Portia tells Morocco that, “Go, draw aside the curtains, and discover-The several caskets to this noble prince. -Now make your choice” (II, vii, 1-3). This quote shows that she obeys and follows the rules to give people opportunities. After Prince Morocco chooses the wrong casket he leaves. A short period of time passes, when the Prince of Arragon sends his servant to announce his arrival. Arragon wastes no time and goes right to choosing a casket, once Portia gives permission. She tells him, “Behold, there stands the caskets, noble prince. If you choose that wherein I am contained-Straight shall our nuptial rites be solemnized:-But if you fail, without more speech, my lord,-You must be gone from hence immediately” (II, ix, 4-8).

This shows that Portia is patient enough to wait for Arragon to choose a casket and does not rush him. Arragon chooses wrong and must leave right after and must do so without a fight. The last person to show up and play the game is Bassanio. He gets to Portia’s house and was asked to wait awhile before choosing so she can spend time and get to know Bassanio. She states, “I pray ou tarry: pause a day or two-Before you hazard, for in choosing wrong-I lose you company; therefore, forbear awhile. -There’s something tells me, but it is not love,-I would not lose you, and you know yourself,…” (III, ii, 1-24). The quote shows that she is not afraid to show her feelings and is vulnerable at times. After Portia said this, Bassanio did not want to wait to he chose and chose correctly. They throw a party to celebrate but that does not last very long because Bassanio got news that his dear friend Antonio’s money is gone and he is sacrificing his life to repay a debt so Bassanio can be happily married to Portia .

Bassanio cannot except what he is about to do so Bassanio talks to Portia about and she tells him, “What, no more? -Pay him six thousand, and deface the bond;-Double six thousand, and then treble that,-Before a friend of this description-Shall lose a hair through Bassanio’s fault” (III, ii, 297-313). This shows that Portia is willing to help her fiance in anyway, so they can be together. Portia says to Bassanio, “O love, dispatch all business and be gone” (III, ii, 320).

This quotes meaning is that Portia want Bassanio to hurry and settle his affairs and come back to her so they can be together without any more distractions or obstacles in their way. Portia is an admirable because; she does not judge, is patient, fair, compassionate, and good-hearted. She is willing to obey her father’s rules and opens her mind so other people can get a chance to win her in marriage. Portia gets nervous because she wants her love Bassanio to come and has a turn but he has not arrived yet so in the meantime Arragon shows up and chooses wrong giving Portia hope.

Bassanio finally arrives and chooses right winning her hand in marriage. Unfortunately he got some horrific news about his best friend Antonio who is about to lose his life to pay off Bassanio’s debt. Portia voluntarily helps out her soon to be husband and gives him three times the amount he owes. So now Bassanio and his group head out to come to Antonio’s rescues, but what they do not know is that Portia is on her way to help out as well by becoming a false lawyer. After the trail, Antonio’s life is speared and Portia gets home quickly before the boys do and all is returned to normal and the wedding will go on as planned.

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