Compare and contrast life with and without technology Essay

            Technology is the use of scientific knowledge to develop and produce goods and services useful to man. Technologists use the discoveries of science to produce tools, machines, and methods for industry, communications, transportation and medicine, warfare and other human activities. In turn, the products of technology are often used by scientists to further their investigations.

Computer is one of the technologies that we have. Young and old are using computers every day. Because of this technology advancement, it makes our lives easier.

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Compare and contrast life with and without technology
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I strongly believe that computer has brought good effects to our society and to our economy as well. As I have noticed that through the use of computers, business transactions are run efficiently. It’s a known fact that a computer nowadays is more effective and efficient if it is connected with the internet. A lot of stuff can be done like researching, making friends online and doing some business deals internationally by just one click. In simplest terms, a computer is a high-speed mathematician, a high speed file clerk, and high speed typist.

It can perform many thousands of times more rapidly than humans, and if properly operated, without error.

Life without technology would really be boring and more difficult to handle with especially with regards to certain jobs and responsibilities of every individual. Everything will be manual specifically in research. I think it will really be too hard especially for students if technology would not have existed. They will find it really hard to do their homework’s, thesis and other school papers. Although library will still be accessible, but it will be time consuming on their part especially if they still have other things to do. Life without technology would not be the type of life any person in this world would dreams of having.


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