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Letter to roommate

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Dear future roommate,  My name is Nick Pigott.  It is a little awkward writing this letter to someone I have never met, especially since we will be living together soon.

 You’re probably wondering what it will be like to live with me next year, so I will attempt to explain. I realize that it is usually quite hard to get used to a person you hardly know. Yet, I’ll try to make the transition process for you as easy as possible, since I do understand all the responsibility put on me as a new person in the existing campus environment.

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Letter to roommate
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First of all, I’d like to emphasize that I am a flexible person who never makes quick judgments.

It means that I have to get familiar with people or situation before taking any decisions. That is why I get along with people easily. For example, my current roommate with whom I live in Matteo Ricci College (as I am a participant of a program, which allows to be enrolled simultaneously at Seattle University while completing senior high school) is a complete opposite of me.

However, we always find a compromise concerning any problematic questions.

For example, my roommate enjoys getting tattoos and listening to hardcore music, I enjoy exercising and listening to hip hop, yet we still find adequate conversation topics and living arrangements. That is why, it helps us to keep peace and enjoy each other’s company. In my opinion, there is always a way to understand someone and find a compromise in a tough situation.The second thing about my personality is that I am tidy and organized.

I enjoy walking into a room with a made bed and neatly folded clothes. Yet, it still doesn’t mean that I am over concerned with it. I don’t grit my teeth at the sight of piles of undone laundry. I do prefer order and all things at the right places.

Yet, I also do understand quite clearly that learning process can be chaotic and unpredictable. Thus, very often it is just impossible to take care about different things like textbooks, CDs, notebooks etc. and ensure that they are where they have to be. Therefore, “academic disorder” doesn’t bother me, unless it lasts too long.

It is also important to notice that I am interested in politics and never miss a chance to read fresh daily newspaper to stay informed about all the relevant news and events. Moreover, I enjoy reading books and magazines as well, because they fill my brains with necessary “food” for thought. However, my interests are not limited to some academic perspective as I enjoy being an active member of the community by taking on tasks such as organizing events and leading community service groups.My friends always say that I am an inventor.

I can turn any situation into a real fun and find adventures on the plane place. I am convinced that people not places define the mood. That is why you can be sure that you’ll never be bored with me. My friends also convince me that I have a good sense of humor.

Moreover, what is even more important it merges with self-irony, as I am always laugh at myself and always willing to recognize all my mistakes.I chose to attend Babson for numerous reasons. I have been interested in business and for as long as I can remember. Moreover, I do realize that the art of earning money demands substantial preparation, which is impossible without considerable educational background.

Through my college research, I have come to realize that Babson is the perfect place to get such a background. Babson has many exciting programs and offer numerous competencies such as numeracy and technology, international and multicultural perspectives, leadership, teamwork and creativity. What is even more interesting is the possibility offered by college to study abroad and get a new experience. Furthermore, Babson offers wonderful facilities for its students, which ensure excellent combination of both  academic and social life with benefits to ownself.

 I feel that Babson’s community will be the perfect place for me to learn and engage in my future. From what I have been informed about Wellesley, Massachusetts, I understand that the seasons are much more dramatic that what I am used to. In Seattle, the seasons are quite mild—we rarely receive snow. I love snow and I am looking forward to the snowy winters Wellesley has to offer.

Where are you from? What are your hobbies? At Babson, beside my academic aspirations, I intend also to make lifelong friends and connections. So, I hope you’d be one of those friends. I do realize that first days at Babson will be tough, as I am a new person to the friendly collective of college. It will take some time for me to adapt and get familiar with everything.

Yet, I plan to take active participation in all students’ events and hang outs in order to become a vital part of Babson College’s life.Though I have been at college for part of a freshman year already (as I’ve already mentioned about special Ricci College Program), I am still looking forward to many things in my second freshman year at Babson. I am quite familiar with eating inadequate meals such as macaroni and Gatorade, and keeping up with my laundry schedule.  “Although college life hasn’t seemed exactly like it’s portrayed in movies, I’m still having a good time”.

What did you think about college life a your freshman year”? Does your perception differ now?Please don’t be alarmed by my use of formal language as I have become annoyingly used to writing in a way that is applauded by professors.  I am looking forward to meeting you and I believe we can have an exciting and successful year together at Babson.   

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