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How To Get Along With Your Col

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How To Get Along With Your College RoommateCollege is a very difficult time in your life and one of the most difficult things is adjusting to having a roommate and sharing your space with someone else. Although it helps to know the person, that is not always true. There are a lot of things that you must remember and do to make this adjustment more easy and good for both you and your roommate. The following are a list of things to help you get along.

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How To Get Along With Your Col
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First, really get to know your roommate. You should ask each other a lot of questions and learn one another’s likes and dislikes. If you are total opposites don’t panic because you will be surprised what you can learn from one another. On the other hand if you have a lot in common that is great, but don’t just expect to get along. It is really important to be completely truthful when answering questions, don’t just give an answer because you think that is what your roommate wants to hear.

That will do absolutely no good. One more thing is to listen to what your roommate is saying and really pay close attention. Try to remember things, this will show that you are really interested in what they are all about.

Second, you should always discuss any changes that will affect your roommate. This is important and I am not saying to ask permission but to just inform them and if they have an opinion hear them out. For example if you want to change something about the room, tell them and then do it. Don’t just let them leave and then have them come back to a totally changed room. Also if you are going to have people stay over let your roommate know in advance so they could make other sleeping arrangements if they wanted to.

Third, you should agree on specific times. By saying this I mean you should make certain times when you would like to be quieter and agree on a descent time to be in bed by. You must remember that you are living with someone else and most likely their schedule is different than yours. If you go out and don’t get in until late be nice and quiet when you come in. If your roommate is sleeping or studying you do not want to disturb them. You need to respect your roommate and the fact that you both are sharing the same not so big space.

Fourth, you should do fun things together every once and awhile. This will help to relieve some tension that may be in the room. You could simply go out to eat or maybe take a trip to the mall. You should just do something that you both enjoy. You and your roommate should try to become friends. Your roommate is someone that you want to be comfortable around. You should be able to do anything around them and not be embarrassed. This could take some time.

Next you should remember not to spend all your time together. It is great if you get along with your roommate but you also need space. You can and most likely will get tired of your roommate if you spend all your time together. Go out with other friends separately and be independent. Don’t depend on your roommate to find something to do.

Finally you must communicate with your roommate. This is the most important thing of all. Even if you hate each other you must let them know what is going on. You live together and so you must talk. At least let them know your schedule and some main things on your agenda. Even if you get along don’t hold back you must let your roommate know how you feel. If something is bothering you let them know so that you can work on the problem together.

Getting along with your roommate may take some time but eventually everything will fall into place. Remember these couple of steps and you should be just fine. College is a big transition and your roommate should not have to be one of the many problems you may have. Your roommate should be someone to help you. Remember you are both going through the same transitions. Even if you don’t have anything in common that is something to start from.

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