Love Essay

Like I really don’t know what to do. Like my back against the wall here. So i guess its time to start swinging. I want you, I love you, I never want to hurt you, but you know what else? Im tired. Im tired of saying this over and over and over and over again. Its getting very repetitious. Im just so sick of having to repeat and constantly break it down to you. I do it because i want this to work and get better, but this should be common knowledge to you.

Why can’t you just let that ish be?? I made a mistake and I was man enough to tell you it. But I don’t get no credit? Huh? I dont get no credit when i could have lied or not say anything to you at all. But no, i wanted to talk to you about it so you could set me straight. Yes, you read it correct i said GET ME STRAIGHT! Let me know whats going on.

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I constantly tell you when a new girl start texting me, no matter if they are a friend or not. Stay telling you when a girl chat me or IM me even if it aint nothing really serious, but if they say something out of line playing or not i still tell you. I bring it up as a joke and we laugh but at the end of the day i still let you know. Serious or not just so you know im telling you things and feel like sharing things with you. But i cant get it in return. I tell you things i think you would want to know, no matter if i can handle it or got the situation under control. I still try to involve you in my life. Every aspect because i want to be with you not for no right now shit not no 2010 shit, but for longer. Im trying to do what you asked and involve you in my daily life. Sorry if the feeling aint mutual no more. And yes i say NO MORE because at one point you would have loved this new me. I mean i dont care how mad you get, but dont act like you aint never want this. Dont act like you dont care. Dont act like it dont matter to you. All this anger and being mad and shit, like what is gone solve? You said o it make you feel better, o i should have done this long time ago? O.

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