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As You Like It

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Visual Representation Speech Analysis

As You Like It


Words: 357 (2 pages)

Characters in the texts; “As you like it”, the play by Shakespeare, “Standing in the shoes of others”, the speech by Linda Burney and “Girl Interrupted” the 1999 film directed by James Mangold, find a sense of belonging under the influence of place. A physical place is often symbolic of whether a character feels accepted….

The Main Themes of “As You Like It”

As You Like It

William Shakespeare

Words: 977 (4 pages)

The main themes of “As You Like It” are the pastoral ideal and theideal of romantic love. Forest of Aden is the primary setting where these themesdevelop. Nature serves as a refuge from society where we can find solutions toinjustice and unhappiness. This play is a comedy and thus has a happy ending butit is…

Comic Elements in Shakespeare

As You Like It

William Shakespeare

Words: 876 (4 pages)

Comic Elements in Shakespeare – KET[7184] Comedy evokes a sense of mirth and laughter in readers and audiences alike. It brings to mind amusing situations involving ordinary people speaking everyday language. Kathleen Morner and Ralph Rausch define comedy as any literary work that aims to amuse, particularly a play with a happy ending. Unlike tragedy,…

Shakespeare and the Gender-Based Stereotypes.

As You Like It

William Shakespeare

Words: 1423 (6 pages)

In today’s feminist movement, the statement “I could find in my heart to disgrace my man’s apparel and cry like a woman” would elicit strong reactions. In a society that advocates for gender equality, the author of this sentence would be seen as highly misogynistic. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that around 400 years…

The Comedy Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

As You Like It

William Shakespeare

Words: 551 (3 pages)

The complex plot – full of mistaken identities, misdirected passions, high comedy, low tricks, andunexpected poignancy – begins as a ship, carrying the identical twins Viola and Sebastian is wreckedoff the coast of a fictional country, Illyria. Viola is washed ashore on this alien coast and becomesconvinced that her beloved brother is dead. She learns…

Frequently Asked Questions about As You Like It

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What does Rosalind behavior suggest about gender?
What does her behavior suggest about gender? ... Rosalind's behavior suggests that she knows better than anyone else that her society makes different demands of men and women. For instance, she knows that, when dressed as Ganymede, she is forbidden from crying over a perceived slight from Orlando.
What is As You Like It by Shakespeare about?
As You Like It Summary. Rosalind and her cousin escape into the forest and find Orlando, Rosalind's love. Disguised as a boy shepherd, Rosalind has Orlando woo her under the guise of "curing" him of his love for Rosalind. Rosalind reveals she is a girl and marries Orlando during a group wedding at the end of the play.
What is the main theme of As You Like It?
Love is the central theme of As You Like It, like other romantic comedies of Shakespeare. Following the tradition of a romantic comedy, As You Like It is a tale of love manifested in its varied forms. In many of the love-stories, it is love at first sight.
What is the meaning of As You Like It?
As You Like It is a stage play in the form of a comedy, a literary work with a happy ending. ... The subject matter and setting of most of the scenes also qualify the play as a pastoral romance, a literary work about love and life in the countryside.

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