Love Means a Lot to Everybody

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Love is an essential element in our lives that gives us a new perspective and meaning. It makes us happier, more energized, and pleasant people. Love enables us to see the world differently, and we feel like we are living life to our fullest potential. When we are in love, we can feel the adrenaline rushing through our bodies, and everything seems more enjoyable. However, love can also lead to disappointment, depression, and frustration when it falls apart. It is essential to give ourselves time to heal and learn from our experiences. Love is what makes the world go round, and we should always believe that we deserve true love.

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Love Makes The World Go Round Love means a lot to everybody because it gives life a new meaning. We all feel much happier when we know that there is somebody who really cares about us. We see our duties, our difficulties, our everyday boring chores with different eyes. We feel great, we have energy for everything, a wonderful sense of humor and a nice word for everything. We understand other easily, do not lose our temper, become softer, more pleasant and better people.

And when we hear our lover’s voice, when they talk to us, show us their attention and care, when we spend time together, we seem to gain wings and to fly instead of walk. Adrenaline rushes into our blood, our head, our feet and our body feel as light as a feather and we can hear music better, we can see nature better, our senses seem to open for everything. I suppose that is the time we really and truly live, we can feel, understand and enjoy the pleasure of life more. Life is a gift given to each of us to be lived happily, beautifully and pleasantly.

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Life is an enjoyment given to us to share with someone who can makes our half, with someone who we feel so happy with, that everything else, seems easier and less significant than that happiness. Everything else becomes more pleasant just because there is that person next to us who is the most special, the dearest and the best person in the world for us. That is really satisfactory reason why we all have to seek the true love and even though we can hurt, disappointed, depressed, because being the thing which gives life meaning and pleasure, love can at the same time make us as depressed and gloomy as nothing else can.

When all we love, seek and enjoy falls into pieces (and there can be so many reasons for breaks like that) as happy and over the moon we can feel when we are in love, as depressed, frustrated and desperate we feel when love is not there any more. When the one we believed was the only one best and most suitable for us, is not what we took him in the first place for we can lose whatever interest in life. A depression of this kind can run for a long time and can leave us without any hope and strength to continue living without any faith in life. Yet we have to be strong emotionally to overcome everything and continue.

Of course, we have to give ourselves time, they say time heals best, and when we feel emotionally ready to try again and continue looking for our best mate, to grab the opportunity. We have to learn our lessons in life but although there will be disappointing experiences and failures not to seize believing that we deserve something really good for us- a true love which will absolutely surely come soon. And when it does we will start hearing music better, seeing nature better. Our senses will open for everything again because love is the only thing that can make world go round.

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