The Reasons Why College Isn’t for Everybody

For four years in high school college is very well advertised. Taking only God knows how any assessment tests; Act, Sat, Benchmark, Literacy, Biology, Geometry, AP, and sadly by the goes on. And for what? How come you can’tjust go to college and go for what you know or for what you can learn? Taking all these tests is every perfectionist’s nightmare, because if they don’t get a good or even perfect score some turn psychotic or in most cases have a nervous breakdown. College is definitely not for everybody. First, it’s boring and can get pretty hard sometimes. Forget what everybody else says college is hard especially when it comes down to education versus a social life if you can‘t balance a social life with tons of homework why even go? When you’re just going to flunk out anyway. Getting up in the morning, what a drag, and don’t even get me started on evening classes. There is usually too much going on in the evening.

I would rather not go to class because that activity at six sounds a lot more fun than that history class, Plus. there’s way too much freedom, my parents would never let me get into this type of stuff; going to parties, coming home late, and most of all having boys in my room. That would never happen at my house. Sororities and Fraternities, who do they think they are, God? Alpha and omega, copying straight from the holy word of the bible, what a shame, Dorm rooms and roommates. Now everybody knows the stereotype for college described in one word, Sex. Abstinence and virginity is like a joke in college, because they just don’t exist. What do you think the real reasons are for random organizations passing out condoms are? in dorms they should just go ahead and create a sexiled room for girls and boys who get locked out of their rooms because their roommate is having sex, or in college lingo “getting it in”.

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Pitts, roommates can be hard to deal with at times especially if you’re used to having your own room and privacy, As for stereotyping, let’s just face some facts, the world is full of some mean and very prejudiced individuals. For example, it’s been said and demonstrated that some white people do not like a black person with an education. They say they‘re too uppity. As for international students, why couldn‘t they just stay in their own country for a higher education? They just come here and take all the jobs anyway, because you know studies and statistics have shown they’re smarter than Americans. Last but not least, the way academic advisors have to set up classes is just ridiculous.

For example, I want to be a Nurse, what does First Year Experience and History have to do with helping people? So, what‘s the point in studying for a test that isn‘t even a part of my major? The question is not why I should flunk out of college, but why should i even bother going? Why pay to go to school for 475 years for one job that there is no actual guarantee I will even get? When there is plenty of higher payingjobs that I don’t have to go to college for, College were made for people to go and get a higher education to succeed and build themselves up as a person. When in most cases some people go to college and end up in a place similar to where they weie in high school.

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