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Luck or opportunity

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Luck or Opportunity Oprah Winfrey once stated in an interview “luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity”. With that said, I do believe it is true. There are some instances that in the past if the opportunity and the preparation didn’t happen then the luck never would have happen. There are examples I would like to mention to show that if it wasn’t for the opportunity then the luck never would have.

Christopher Columbus was credited with discovering the new world .

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Luck or opportunity
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If not for the Queen of Portugal financing the adventure and given him three ships, then he never would have discovered the West Indies because his own country did not believe in him. Christopher Columbus was prepared to take on the expedition but the Queen of Portugal with her kindness gave him the opportunity.

Luck brings fame and acknowledgement from it. People struggle every day trying to find success. Justin Bieber as a kid growing up in a rural Canada taught himself to play the piano, drums, guitar, and trumpet .

At a young age he was preparing for a life as a musician. His mother posted videos of him doing cover songs on You Tube for family and friends to see and was discovered by an American music scout named Scooter Braun who took young Justin to Atlanta Georgia to meet with music entertainer Usher Raymond and sign a contract with Island Records.

In my life I was given an opportunity by preparing myself when I was 27 years old. I was enrolled at RCCC taking Electrical Installation and Maintenance. Upon graduation I worked maintenance for Flowers Bakery in Salisbury for three years. When it closed due to market fluctuation I was going to the Employment Security Commission job hunting. In three weeks after I put in applications a lady gave me an application to fill out that I never seen posted before. The application was for Hersey Meters within two days a lady from there human resources department was calling me in for an interview the same day. I was hired in as an assembler of commercial water meters. With the preparation form the experience of maintenance and schooling with the opportunity to apply with a job I never seen on the job locator at the
employment Security Commission.

In conclusion I have decided and shown that through preparation and opportunity luck can present itself. Just like Justin Bieber if it was for his mother posting his videos on You Tube he never would have meet Scooter Braun or Christopher Columbus after looking for financing his luck changed when the Queen of Portugal with her generosity gave him the opportunity and with myself that going to RCCC and preparing myself for a maintenance career gave me the opportunity to apply for a job that I never seen while I was looking for employment at the time.

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