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Lynx Advertisement Semiotic Pitch Presentation

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Semiotics speech| Harrison O’Connor| | | | | | | DES102 Speech Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen my name is Harry O’Connor and today I am here to talk to you about the strong signified meaning to young men and teenagers the Lynx deodorant company is able to achieve in their advertisements. Throughout this talk I will be deconstructing the text through the denotative and connotative meaning that the advertisement conveys. Firstly, before we begin, I will show you a quick snip-it from the advertisement that will be the main focus of the talk today.

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Lynx Advertisement Semiotic Pitch Presentation
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There are many questions we can ask in order to be able to deconstruct a text, for this text mainly Frye’s semiotic theory (Anatomy of Criticism: Four Essays, 1957) will be used. The Lynx deodorant company adopts strong codes and conventions to convey messages they attempt to signify through use of connotative visuals and audio to influence its targeted audience. Lynx’s’ extensive use of repetitious themes in all advertisements also allow brand recognition for the audience to connect further with the brand.

The Lynx deodorant company has many controversial advertisements, as most of the advertisements express highly provocative and sexual underlying messages in order to portray the young male as a dominant character in the advertisements. To deconstruct this now we must follow Frye’s theory, to do this we should ask ourselves questions such as; speculate about the relationship between the lynx advertisement and the culture from which the text emerged? What patterns exist within the text that makes it a product of a larger culture (Anatomy of Criticism. 957)? As stated earlier the product advertisements target young males, in relation to today’s culture most young males and teenagers long to be the centre of attention of beautiful women, they long to be the sexual entity of girls “around the world”, the advertisement as shown promises all of this with not only the whole video with the connotative meaning that women will travel around the world for you because you use the product, but the simply slogan; “spray more, get more”.

This overall unrealistic message these advertisements lure the audience into a false sense of security in which allows them to think through signified messages throughout the advertisements, that using the lynx in fact will get you more girls which in fact all that the product will achieve is leave you smelling somewhat better for all of a better five minutes. Throughout this speech, analysis of the lynx brand advertisement style has been done by looking at the codes and conventions used, in which are used to influence a specific target audience being the young male and teenage males.

Cultural patterns have been examined throughout which helps us analyse the text through Frye’s semiotic theory which allows us examine the advertisement style through linguistics. The connotative audio and visuals used throughout the advertisement convey extensive repetitive themes of highly provocative and sexual underlying messages represented by the previously shown advertisement. I hope you enjoyed the seminar, thanks for listening. Sources/References Case , T. (2010, 10 19). Structualism and semiotics.

Retrieved from http://owl. english. purdue. edu/owl/resource/722/07/ Ayre , J. (1992). Northrop frye . Retrieved from http://www. thecanadianencyclopedia. com/articles/northrop-frye Wright , R. (1998, 08 29). Semiology – roland barthes – theories. Retrieved from http://www. ic. arizona. edu/~comm300/mary/semiotics/barthes. theory. html Wright, R. (1998, 09 14). Semiological terms – roland barthes. Retrieved from http://www. ic. arizona. edu/~comm300/mary/semiotics/barthes. terms. html

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