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In Peter Goldsworthy’s Maestro, distinctive visual images are created to convey unique experiences, including Paul’s relationship with Keller, his self-discovery, and the development of his understanding of himself and Keller. Goldsworthy uses quotes to explain the images, showing the progression of Paul and Keller’s relationship from initial misunderstandings to a strong emotional bond. The novel revolves around themes of adolescence and growing up, and Paul’s education about life through music and Keller’s experiences in Vienna. Similarly, in the song A Song for a Sleepwalker by Something for Kate, the struggles and journey towards self-discovery are symbolized through recurring motifs, such as the jump and fall, leading to a final realization in the end.

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Peter Goldsworthy has created distinctively visual images which convey distinctive experiences in Maestro. The features of the experiences in Maestro include the development of Paul’s relationship with Keller, the things Paul learns about himself and the place in developing Paul’s understanding of himself and Keller. Paul’s learning life as well as music is on image that Peter Goldsworthy has created.

Goldsworthy uses quotes which explain the images. A quote meaning this image is, “we must not make the mistake of confusing music with emotions,” and, “always the most difficult part of a race is the last step,” Paul is the only person that Keller has had any emotional attachment to since his wife and child were killed and this has developed a better relationship between Paul and Keller when Paul began lessons with Keller. His first impressions were misleading, “a boozer’s incandescent glow.

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As Paul matures, his attitudes towards Keller became warmer, and they develop an unexpressed bond. Goldsworthy uses this quote to show the development. “I slipped my arm beneath his head and kissed him,” this represents Paul’s final realisation of his connection with Keller in death. Goldsworthy uses quotes such as, “You’ve been like a father to me, the suit, whiter liner, freshly pressed, “an excellent forgery… technically perfect. ” These quotes show the images of development from when Paul and Keller started their relationship to development so far.

This also related to the experiences between Paul and Keller overtime. Throughout the novel, the experiences with Paul and Keller are very regretful. An example of this experience is, “if Paul had listened to Keller’s confession, it’s possible that Keller would have felt ready to teach Paul about playing piano with rubato. ” When Keller finally opens up to Paul, he leaves: “I should have stayed, the aroused, sexual present overwhelmed the past.

Paul leaves when Keller is ready to talk about his past, “only now I can recognise that scene for what it was a confessional. ” Goldsworthy has employed many techniques to create images of the experiences throughout the novel including; alliteration, simile, metaphor, repetition and adjectives. Maestro has the main theme of adolescence and growing up. Paul is educated about life through music and Keller’s experiences in Vienna and understanding of human nature contribute to Paul’s knowledge of the world.

In a song for a sleepwalker by something for Kate, there are many experiences which the man overcomes to finally see where his journey ends. His journeys symbolised the trappement to realise the real world, this is known as recurring motif. The jump and fall is part of the struggle meaning that the man is finding the end of his journey, but he falls and keeps going. The camera at the end shows the place where the answer could be found.

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