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I am not at all impressed with my initial encounter with Mr. Edward Keller. He is a drinker and his ruined leather belongings are of poor quality. However, what strikes me the most are his peculiar eyes, which frighten me. This individual is supposedly my tutor.

Despite my disdain for his teaching methods, I have him as my piano tutor because we both share a passion for music. However, his enigmatic, accentuated, and distinctive approach often leaves those around him feeling indignant. He overstates his anxiety and opinion, making it unclear and compulsive to me. What bothers me the most is his manner of speaking to me, as if I lack dignity, while trying to prove himself as respectful. His style, language, misbehavior, and way of socializing are all aspects of him that really bother me. Despite this, I am drawn to Keller solely because of our shared passion for music, specifically Chopin. Our mutual interest is the only reason I tolerate him in my life.

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I frequently perceive Keller as a refined and somewhat enigmatic gentleman, who is deeply affected by his past experiences. However, I sometimes understand why he may express himself in a vulgar manner.

Darwin, a city known for its reputation of excess and immorality. It is often described as a place teeming with alcohol, drugs, and sacrilege. The misfits and troublemakers find solace in this city, while my father views it as a center of low-class society, in contrast to his perception of himself as cultured and refined. I somewhat share his sentiment.

During my early school years, I faced bullying from my classmates. Regrettably, Bennie, whom I considered a friend, proved to be insincere. Spending time with him was never enjoyable for me due to his peculiarities. Consequently, I consistently refrained from publicly associating myself with him and declined opportunities to engage in music duets together. However, I had no choice but to keep his company because of limited options.

Eventually, I discovered solace among another group of talented and popular friends who valued my extensive piano knowledge and how it enhanced their musicality. While there are moments when I feel like an outsider within their circle, there are also instances when I genuinely feel included. From my perspective, aspiring for popularity is not inherently negative – if an opportunity arises, why not seize it?

Bennie simply doesn’t align with the type of friend that suits me; this has always been the case. It might have hurt him to realize that our companionship isn’t enjoyable for me; nevertheless, it’s crucial for him to find friends he can truly connect with. His feelings towards me may differ.

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