Major In Success Essay

Major in Success by Patrick Combs is a book that serves as a guideline for guaranteeing a happy and successful career for oneself - Major In Success Essay introduction. The main theme of the book focuses on the idea that to become successful, you must find a personal passion and incorporating that into your daily life and eventually into a career. His book is very informative for any student and provides valuable advice to those that are having a difficult time trying to decide on what they want to do after graduation. Combs breaks this process down into three main parts that is very easy to understand. The three parts are: find your dream job, create an action plan, and put that plan into action. Out of these three sections, there are three chapters that I will use in my life: finding your true passions, graduating with internship experience is necessary, and paying yourself first before doing anything else.

The first step to leading a successful life is finding what you enjoy and be good at it. Combs says that when you are feeling good about something and you are actively engaged in it, you have found a passion. He tells us to use our “built-in compass,” which is our emotions. Only you will know if something angers, bores, or excites you. Your “gut feeling” lets you know if you should continue to pursue something. I definitely agree with this because it reminds me of Harvey MacKay’s quote, “Find something you love to do, and you will never work have to work a day in your life.” In the past, there was a marketing internship that I did not enjoy because I knew that this wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So, I found a company that allowed me to use my marketing skills to help people in the medical industry. I truly enjoy it and feel like I am vacationing every time I go to work. Channeling your knowledge and emotions towards finding what you are passionate about is very rewarding. This process will lead to a successful life, both physically and spiritually.

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Internship experience is a necessity to securing a future for you. Whether or not you get a good internship, it is the experience that matters since it lets you know what and what not to do in your life. Combs states that academics isn’t what employers are only looking for. Real-world experience shows employers that you have the necessary skills and qualities for the job. This chapter is very beneficial because he gives the reader anecdotal
evidence, facts, and a direct process on how to obtain an internship. I believe this is the most important chapter of the book. Internships allow you to network with executives, learn about the industry, and gain valuable experience. Students need to understand that their schools provide resources on how to obtain internships and must take advantage of that, such as FoxNet here at Temple. An internship is the best investment a student can make towards a successful future.

Paying yourself sounds like a better idea than giving your money to others. Combs advises to pay yourself a percentage of your check before using it for anything else. This is an excellent method to discipline yourself on the importance of saving. Much of this chapter focuses on mathematical evidence that if you save a certain amount over time, you will have enough money later to live happily without much stress. I have been doing this with my paycheck for a few years already and I was very excited to see this advice in the book. This method has taught me that saving is a necessity for my future. This future can range from a rainy day fund to retirement. You never know what will happen in the future, but with a disciplined savings account, you will be ready for whatever heads in your way.

Patrick Combs’ book has advised me that finding my passions is important to living a successful and fulfilling life, gaining internship experience is a necessity to securing a job upon graduation, and paying yourself is fun and rewarding because you know you are saving for a better future. At first, I thought this book was a waste of time to read, but I soon found out that the information in this book proved to be a valuable resource to plan my future. The anecdotes and facts that he provides helped make the text very easy to read. It was very touching when I read about the failures of people that have had similar problems I have now. After reading about their successes, I was immediately inspired to pursue my dreams. Even though I have not pinpointed my dream career, this book has definitely given me the proper advice on how to pursue it.

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