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The Hunger Games Book Report, 7th Grade Level

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The setting in the Hunger Games is not in the past or present, but in the future. The story takes place in District 12 and in a place called the Arena. District 12 is an old and very run down. It is a very; dull place of mines. The Arena is ;where the Hunger Games take place. It is a dangerous and scary place. The main protagonist is Katnis Everdeen. She is very good and is tryihng to get back to her family.

She volunteered for her sister to go into Hunger Games. Cato is the antagonist. He is cruel and wants to kill everybody in the games.

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The Hunger Games Book Report, 7th Grade Level
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He is very selfish, and is part of the career which is bad. The authors purpose was to entertain readers. It was not a book to inform because it doesn’t give facts about anything. It has a lot of descriptive words and uses figurative language to pull the reader further into the story. I learned that your family is more important than anything and you can’t be selfish because life is about sharing and helping.

Without sharing and helping, nobody could ever be happy in any; family. This story is written in first person tense.

Katniss is telling the story and her feelings throughout the story. She uses , “I” and “me” and lets readers know her personal thoughts and opinions. The rising action is when all of the districts go to the reaping and 2 kids ages 12 and 18, have their names chosen to go into the Hunger Games. Peeta Mellark, a strong blonde boy, was one of the chosen ones. He often saves Katniss, who is the girl who is chosen. Katniss was not originally chosen first, it was Prim. Katniss volunteers to go in for Prim because she loves Prim more than anything.

Peeta says in an interview that he has loved Katniss every since he first saw her. The climax is when they go into the games and she runs off with a backpack and meets Rue, a little 12 year old girl who was Katniss’s friend in the Hunger Games. She was killed and Katniss sang to her until she died. Peeta was almost killed by Cato but he ran far away and camouflaged with theh rocks and water. They announced that two victors could win so Katniss had to find Peeta. She founbd him and cared for him but he was very sick.

They grew very close together and lived in a cave together. Katniss got some medicine and it helped treat him. One conflict is she wants to keep Peeta alive and goes through so much trouble. She had to go and find the backpack with the medicine before the other people got to it. They faced a big battle with all the remaining people and they conquered them. But, then at the last moment the announcers said there could only be one Victor and they were in shock. They loved each other too much to kill the other.

They came up with a plan to both stick poisonous berries in their mouths and after they hurried and announced they both won they spit them out. That is how they won the Hunger Games. I loved this book so much. There is so much action and is so much better and exciting with so much amazing detail and description. This is one of my favorite books ever. When you read it, you don’t want to put it down and it makes you feel like you are with the characters in the book and you know them so well. I recommend this book to anyone who can read at this level.

my Sources were http://www.enotes.com/the-hunger-games and http://thereadingzone.wordpress.com/2008/05/25/the-hunger-games-by-suzanne-collins/

Cite this The Hunger Games Book Report, 7th Grade Level

The Hunger Games Book Report, 7th Grade Level. (2017, Feb 22). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/the-hunger-games-book-report-7th-grade-level/

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