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Social Science: Make and Remake

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Made and Remade
Made and remade could be defined by the day to day running and changing of society through the relationships and routines that people have with each other and their environment, and how these relationships and routines have an effect on the society that could possibly have an effect on the relationships and routines. Due to these frequent changes in society, people must adapt and restructure their lives in order to progress.
The first example I would give would be of how City Road, originally known as Plucker Lane over two hundred years ago, was used to link the docks in the district of Roath to Cardiff city centre.

Due to the booming coal trade during the nineteenth century, Plucker Lane was ‘made and remade’ and gradually transformed from a rural country lane into a prosperous road of shops and traders on which Victorian entrepreneurs constructed housing to accommodate dock and factory workers. Then into City Road as we know it today.

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Social Science: Make and Remake
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The second example of made and remade on City Road would be in more recent times, smaller local traders needing to remake themselves in a new direction, with their businesses due to a considerable decrease in profit, through lack of custom, as they are unable to compete with new larger chains, ownerships and dealers moving into the city, for instance Mark Hocking owned a successful car repair business for many years, but had to evolve in his business making changes, now an industrial designer, crafting miscellaneous items for architects and builders.
I’ve found it intriguing in starting to learn from this module how it changes the way you look at things you see in everyday life, although I feel I have struggled slightly on how to describe on paper what I think in a more detailed way, and using referencing.

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