Malunggay and Camte Tops Smoothie

Nowadays, people are self-conscious. We are become more conscious when it comes to our health. The purpose of our project is to be able to come up with an innovative delicious and nutritious smoothie that ingredients are very much available and prominent in our country. Morning Leafier also known as, Malagasy is one of our main ingredients.

It is rich in Vitamin B, which plays important role in cell metabolism, Vitamin C which is good antioxidant and helps prevent scurvy, Provocation A deals with growth and development, maintenance in the immune yester and good vision, as beta-carotene, Vitamin K and Protein. Pomade Batista also known as, Comate Tops is our second main ingredient.

It is rich in Vitamin A,B and C, Calcium, Iron, Dietary-fiber and Phosphorus, and essential minerals and nutrients such as Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Sulfur, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Aluminum and Boron, which can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, regulates bowel movement and helps preventing infections and diseases. With this project, we aim to create a product that can help sustain balance diet which involves sufficient amounts of fiber and various nutrients that can help the health-conscious people. Introduction A.

Background of the Study Smoothie is a blended and sweetened beverage made from fresh fruits. Diseases that prohibit person from craving sweets, torture them. These kinds of torture must be prevented by the use of innovating smoothie into not Just a sweetened beverage but into a less-sugar sweetened beverage. B. Statement of the Problem and Objectives A sugar is addition to prop up sweetness and will then be added to any possible products including smoothie. Alternative smoothie can be prepared from locally available plants such as herbs and fruit-bearing ones.

Plant parts may have effective component that holds antioxidant activity. Examples are the Comate Tops and Malagasy. C. Significance of the Project This project is worth making because this can be very helpful to economy, in terms of the exporting of goods. Like the Malagasy and Gamete tops that are both abundant in our country and in which we should be grateful that we have this kind of vegetable. This product can also give other people ideas and ways for them to innovate stuff using some of our rich bearing fruits and vegetables.

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