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    Mamo Essay, Research Paper


    I tossed and turned all dark with a atrocious cold. I awoke with a feeling of “ This is merely non traveling to be my twenty-four hours ” . I tortured myself with my eyes broad opened, unable to kip, before I knew, it was clip to wake up Majory and get down our journey to the Museum Of Modern Art. Equally shortly as, I walked into the Museum I seem to experience miraculously better. The Museum is a good illuminated constructing full of beautiful and tasteful pictures, chopper, and sculpturers.

    Majory and I proceeded to the 2nd floor, where this brilliant picture entitled “ The Sleeping Gypsy ” 1897, by Henri Rousseau. This peculiar picture grabbed my attending because of its strong colourss ( chromaticities ) , it had definite borders and truly stood out I percieve a adult male sleeping and a king of beasts whiffing him. Immediately what came to mind was that adult male and animate being are equal in some manner, funny how a image can trip an thought though upon some clip ago. I would likely entitle it different: such as “ One Kingdom One Species. ” I so focused my attending on Andy Warhol, before and after painting. Before and after is an exmple of an equivocal figure land relationship. You can see the immature adult female against a dark land or you can see an old adult female against a light land. It was really dificult for me to see the old adult female, chiefly because I was seeking to see both the old and immature adult female at the same time. I for some ground find figure land relationship really interesting, I ’ m fascinated with how an creative person can conceal a image within a image. I must hold stared at this semblance for 20


    As I slowly walked off, I turned my attentin to a atmospheric position kind of semblance by Marcel Duchamp entitled Rotary Demisphere. The objects seem to look blurry and grayish. Th shading and depth perceptual experience were alone. Certain objects appeared closer than they truly were. I found no existent borders or contours, it look like person merely threw paint all over the topographic point and so framed it. I couldn ’ t state what it was, but I percieve it to be some kind of volcanic eruption. I guesed what makes the ” Rotary Demisphere ” so alone, is that it can go whatever the spectator wants it to be. From there Majory and I took a timeout and rested downstairs near the theater suites.

    It ’ s fuuny how we were sing the really same pictures, but yet coming up with wholly different perceptual experiences. After we rested Majory stayed downstairs while I went to the 3rd floor gathered around Rene Magritte picture, entitled “ The Empire OF Light II. This was by far the most beautiful thing I of all time laid my eyes on. The imperium of light II is full of bright and dark colourss giving it a kind of dark and twenty-four hours semblance. The picture seems to exemplify several cues. Changes occur in the huge colourss that were closer to me additive position is evident where the house in the three dimensional background is percieved. The parallel lines of the house and the field seem meet in the distance. Rene Magritte usage of colourss is extraordinary. The colourss seem to give this picture life, to be honest I am non much of an art fan but this specific painting deserves all the attending it recieves.

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