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This management consulting firm specializes in advising corporate executives on how to improve leadership, management, and restructuring of management departments within their companies. They also address issues such as workplace stress, technology needs, marketing strategies, and corporate governance. The firm offers solutions including office management software and hardware to increase capacity and dispensation of authority. They aim to improve the delivery of services from management departments to recipients and increase productivity by improving workplace communication, approach to projects, cognitive approach to workers’ rights, and employee morale and identity.

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Consulting firm

Management consulting firm


The Service industry requires a lot of skill and in-depth knowledge about how proper leadership, cognitive approaches, strategic planning and distinctive management is important for an organization. This management consulting firm will advice restructure, on behalf of clients, departments in companies so as to improve the management and performance of the employees.


The consulting firm will deal with advising corporate executives on how to improve leadership, management of the company, restructuring management departments and liaising with stakeholders to increase the capacity of managers and other management related principals in the corporate environment.

 Consulting involves, advising, teaching and changing the old infrastructure in management departments so as to improve both the delivery of services from these departments to the recipients of the services. Besides, proffering solutions including office management solutions like software’s and hardware’s to increase capacity and dispensation of authority (Brown, 1994).

Problems that the company will address

Increased work place stress has led to bad boss syndromes in offices, increasing technology needs are forcing companies to fail to become competitive, worse an increase in marketing strategies has forced corporations to grapple with reality of them having tiny market-shares and diminishing profits, we will address the issues of leadership, technology, marketing and proper corporate governance. The company will help in restructuring management departments, advice management groups in the company, advice on which is the best technology, approach and environment for the clients. Apart from such issues, the company will address issues like workplace communication, approach to projects, cognitive approach to workers rights and increasing morale and identity of the employees to improve productivity (Management Consultants Association, 2008).


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