Manipulation of the Advertisement World

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This paper is about celebrity endorsement and how producer that make commercials use celebrities to boost their product that they are advertising. They did studies selling perfume and tomato sauce using celebrities to sale the product. The studies show that using celebrity endorsement to sale a useless product makes the sales increase. This article is about Calvin Klein ads selling sex in their advertisement to draw in the attention of young potential buyers.

They use sex appeal to sale their product so when the naive and young see it they would want to buy product so they can also be sexy and appealing to the world just as the models in the ad. This article explains whether there is an increase in sales if they use a celebrity to sport the merchandise. They find by using celebrities endorsement to draws in a crowd of other celebrities that will also want to buy the product as well. The product gets more attention and sale if a celebrity promotes it. The more celebrities that sport the merchandise the more popular the product becomes and the more sales.

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Tv advertisements are lowing womens self esteem. The advertising world puts on television their “ideal perfect woman” in commercial ads to sell items or products that they know the woman that aren’t perfect would make themselves better to society. They lower the self esteem of regular women in commercials to upper their sales in the stock market. Explaining how they put dissatisfaction in a womans mind and mood do to the advertising world. Marketers make commercials to put in the minds of women that they are not good enough and that to need to buy their product to better themselves.

Especially commercials about weight lose, beauty advertisements, and anything having to with the body such as Victoria Secret commercials. Women become in disbelief about their bodies, face, and lifestyle. In this article they argue about self perception, body image in women, their attitudes and their beauty. They ran test on women to see if advertising really effected the womans self perception. On one woman they showed her a magazine with no body and beauty images and evaluated her on how she felt about herself afterwards.

They showed another woman a magazine with lots of body and beauty images and did the same. The woman that saw now body and beauty imagines felt better about herself rather than to woman that saw multiple body and beauty imagines on several pages.

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