Strategies Used in Help Save the Lipstick Advertisement of World Wildlife Fund

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The World Wildlife Fund has created a full-page ad with a bold headline that says “HELP SAVE THE LIPSTICK” against a rainforest background. The purpose of this advertisement is to convey multiple messages. The main message is that approximately half of the supermarket products, including lipstick, contain palm oil, which is causing harm to forests and wildlife due to its extraction. Furthermore, the ad suggests that the use of palm oil will continue to increase. However, instead of advocating for a complete boycott, the organization encourages consumers to demand certified sustainable palm oil. To capture the audience’s attention and persuade them, the World Wildlife Fund utilizes various strategies, with the most notable being the attention-grabbing and concise headline.

The commonly used phrase “Save the rainforest” has become so overused that most readers would simply ignore it. However, the statement “save the lipstick” is a unique and uncommon appeal that resonates with everyday consumers. Many people do not perceive their favorite lipstick (or snacks, desserts, or soap) as being at risk; this sudden revelation sparks curiosity and heightens the desire for more information. The text beneath the message explicitly states that “the lipstick you love contains palm oil”. By directly addressing the reader as “you”, an accusatory tone is established, making the audience feel guilty for loving or purchasing those same items. Some readers may consider making a donation to WWF or completely avoiding these products as a satisfactory way to make amends. Additionally, the same text urges the audience to “help us look after the world where you live.”

The phrase “where you live” in the text emphasizes the importance of taking immediate action to protect not just a hypothetical rainforest but the entire world. The accompanying image further reinforces this urgency by contrasting detailed trees in the foreground with a vast expanse of forest in the background, illustrating the potential consequence of doing nothing: complete deforestation. Despite any debate about the accuracy or advantages of the advertisement’s sustainability message, it effectively employs different techniques to communicate its specific point.

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