Market Research: Trashcan Compactor Essay

Market Research: Trashcan Compactor

Trash can Compactor is a household device used to compress the household garbage into smaller size - Market Research: Trashcan Compactor Essay introduction. This eliminated the unwanted kitchen trash and prevents the pain of taking the disposal bags out frequently. The trash accumulated within a period of time can be compressed and stored in a smaller place, thus making space for the storage of larger amount of garbage. The compactor has great commercial use in case of fast-food restaurants and food courts where large number of disposable waste is accumulated throughout the day. In such cases the compactors can reduce the human labor invested in carrying away the trash bags frequently. Apart from all these factors trash compaction helps in pollution control, as the compacted trash requires smaller disposal area.

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Modern compactors are capable of reducing the trash by 75% in volume. Normally the compactor size ranges from 24 inches deep, 15 inches wide and 35 inches high. The standard features in most trash compactors are 1/3 horsepower motors, 1.4 cu. ft. capacity, 2000, 3000, or 5000 lbs of compacting force, anti-jam capabilities, air freshener compartments and tilting trash baskets that can fit under the kitchen counter(Trash Compactor Buying Guide, 2009).

Best Products available in the Market:

1.      Broan Compactors:

Features(Broan, 2009) :

Ø  Electrical: 120V AC 60 Hz 5.0 Amps Grounded 3 prong plug, 6 ft. cord

Ø  ¾ horsepower motor

Ø  Storage capacity: 1.5 cubic ft.

Ø  Dimensions: 12″ wide 34 1/2″ high 20 1/4″ deep

Ø  Compaction ratio of 6-to-1

Ø  Price $420 to $600

The new Broan Compactors have some additional feature like programming the time and duration of compaction of the trash, light indicators to when the odor control disc need to be changed and ball bearing drawer slides for easier movement of the trash basket and insulated and sealed doors to prevent the odor and noise from coming out of the contractor.

2.      The KitchenAid Trash Compactor:


Ø  Electrical: 120V AC 60 Hz 15Amps

Ø  1/3 horsepower motor

Ø  Dimensions: 15″ wide, 24″ deep, 34 ½” high

Ø  Storage Capacity: 1.4 cubic ft.

Ø  Compaction Ratio of 4-to-1

Ø  Price ~ $699

Stainless steel finish of KitchenAid trash compactor gives it a unique modern look. Along with producing minimal noise, it also has a foot pedal opening option for the drawer in case the user’s hands are full. It also has a handy feature of removing the trash bag from the side instead of usual lifting of the bag from the top, which has a risk of spilling(Trash Compactor Buying Guide, 2009).

3.      GE Trash Compactor:


Ø  Electrical: 120V AC 60Hz

Ø  1/3 horsepower motor

Ø  Dimension: 15 ¼” wide, 24″ deep, 34 ½” high

Ø  Storage Capacity: 1.4 cubic ft.

Ø  Compaction Ratio of 5-to-1

Ø  Price $1029 (GE_Appliances, 2009)

The controls of GE trash compactor are hidden behind the compactor door providing a better and sleek appearance. It has an additional security feature, a removable key lock, in which the compactor drawer remains locked during the compaction process. Similar to KitchenAid trash compactor, it also has the option of trash bag removal from the side and the foot pedal opening alternative for the drawer.

4.      Whirlpool Trash Compactor:


Ø  Electrical:115V AC 60Hz 15 or 20 Amps

Ø  1/3 horsepower motor

Ø  Dimension: 15″ wide, 24 ¼” deep, 34 ½” high

Ø  Storage Capacity: 1.0 cubic ft.

Ø  Compaction Ratio of 4-to-1

Ø  Price $649 (Whirlpool_Home_Appliances, 2009)

The whirlpool trash compactors are equipped with Clean Touch console and Automatic anti-jam, which reverses the compaction process if the door is opened during the compaction process. It also has a side release bin for the trash bag removal as in KitchenAid Trash Compactor and GE Trash Compactor. Apart from these features it also has a Touch-Toe drawer opener.

5.      Viking Trash Compactor(DUC):


Ø  Electrical:120V AC 60Hz 15 Amps

Ø  1/2 horsepower motor

Ø  Dimension: 18″ wide, 24″ deep, 35″ high

Ø  Storage Capacity: 1.7 cubic ft.

Ø  Compaction Ratio of 4-to-1 (Viking_Designer, 2007)

Ø  Price $2099

It is one of the most powerful home trash compactors delivering a power of 3000 trash-crushing pounds. It is also the largest trash-can compactor with a storage capacity of 1.7 cu. ft. This compactor has a breakaway trash basket so it can be used with or without trash bags and an activated charcoal filter which eliminates odor(Viking_Range_Corporation).

Manual Trash Compactors:

Although mechanical/electrical compactors are the most common form of trash compactors, but there has been a development in the field of manual compactors. The mechanical trash compactors run on motors, screws or hydraulics which requires electrical supply and thus a subsequent consumption of energy. There is also a constant risk of mechanical failure along with the danger of the limbs getting in the way of the compression process(Ruddock, 2007). Therefore for light weight applications manual compactor can be preferred over mechanical compactors.

Advantages of Manual Trash Compactor over Automatic Trash Compactor:

Ø  Manual compactors have zero electrical power consumption. Thus it has a zero working cost.

Ø  They require lower maintenance compared to automatic trash compactors. Manual trash compactor is based on levers so they have lower maintenance cost.

Ø  Manual compactors are cheap and cost effective. So for light residential use where heavy compaction is not required, manual compactors are a good choice.

Ø  Automatic compactors are dangerous, especially in case of kids, who can hurt themselves if their limbs get in the way of the compaction process.

Overall trash volume and cost have been increasing in the U.S. over the past several decades. The U.S. EPA reported that in 2001, Americans disposed of 4.4 pounds of waste per person per day(Municipal_garbage_statistics). Most analysts calculate U.S. waste collection activities at over $20 billion annually. So the Trash Compactors have a huge market not only in U.S. but throughout the world. Manual Compactors with superior features can have a vast share in the total trash compactor market.




















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