Segmentation and Target Market Profile

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Segmentation refers to the process of dividing a market into distinct buyer groups with varying product requirements. Segmentation analysis involves assessing various submarkets and choosing the most appropriate ones for a company. To effectively analyze our market segmentation, we need to firstly determine the criteria for segmenting the market. In the case of our hotel, these criteria entail geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation, and psychographic segmentation. Our geographic segmentation comprises of the business market, tourist market, and wedding market.

Demographic Segmentation, which pertains to characteristics such as age, gender, and income, along with Psychographic Segmentation, which encompasses social class, personality, and lifestyle, are two ways in which we have segmented the target market of Claron hotel. The target market is divided into two major groups. The first group is the Business Corporate Group, who are anticipated to utilize the services of Claron Hotel during weekdays. The second group consists of wedding couples who are seeking the optimal venue and exceptional service for their special day. Tourism Queensland’s statistics indicate that there will be a total of 825,000 business visitors in Brisbane CBD, comprising 182,750 business visitors and 329,905 convention/corporate visitors.

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If we focus on this target market, they will represent an excellent profit for us. Queensland takes the state’s natural and cultural attributes for granted. Despite not having well-recognized tourism attractions such as beaches or theme parks, and not having a large city population base, the state is performing well in tourism and business. Queensland has an average 8% share of Australian tourism. According to Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre’s data, there are multiple exhibitions, live shows, and conventions coming up.

This will help boost the growth of the tourism and business market. The Claron Hotel offers an enticing package that appeals to both tourists and business professionals. Our aim is to attract weekday corporate clients and host weddings and events on weekends, as we are situated in the central business district. In order to effectively target any market, we must analyze the local, national, or international businesses we are catering to. For instance, there are various business groups such as the Business Market. Business travelers make up a significant portion of the demand for accommodations in many market areas.

In 2009, the room occupancy quotas for Claron hotel are predicted to be approximately 65%, but they are anticipated to rise to 73% to 75% after 2010. By implementing effective sales promotions, it is possible for the room occupancy rate to potentially reach 80% before 2010. The Tourism Forecast from Tourism Queensland suggests that there may be a slight decline in tourism population in Queensland due to rising petrol prices, food costs, and flight ticket prices. However, it is expected that the tourism population will gradually recover after 2009. The profitability and sustainability of the tourism industry rely on achieving a balance between visitor numbers and expenditure. One objective of the Queensland Tourism Strategy (QTS) is to increase visitor expenditure by boosting visitor numbers, extending their stays, or increasing their expenditure per visit.

The Quantum Tourism Strategy (QTS) aims to achieve increased expenditure and industry sustainability by targeting marketing activities towards preferred visitors. The strategy aims to avoid the negative effects of ‘profitless volume’. Traditional indicators such as visitor numbers, visitor nights, and length of stay will still be monitored to measure progress.
Quantitative objectives:

  • Maintaining a 65% occupancy rate each month.
  • Maintain positive, steady, growth each month.
  • Assembling an experience and effective staff.
  • Experience an increase in new clients who are turned into long-term customers & to increase the number of clients by 10% each year.
  • Realize a growth strategy per year.

Other goals:

  • Open the Shangri-la with “turnkey operation” with existing bookings from the previous owners, and new bookings under a same rental rate after possession.
  • Offering the discounts for regular groups or try to give them better facilities/services.
  • Know the competitor’s clients and try to attract them with highly quality of services or any other magnetize offer.
  • Increase off-season occupancy by 30% the first year.
  • Attract the Targeted people of groups.
  • Exceeding the customer’s expectations for hunting and vacationing accommodations.
  • Realize a growth strategy per year.
  • Maintain positive, steady, growth each month.

Steps to be followed:

  • To attract our Targeted goals like small groups, wedding, we need to advertise more and contact them personally.
  • Increase exposure and market using Internet technology and direct advertising.
  • Through incentives and increased exposure on the Internet, we hope to increase off-season occupancy by 30% the first year.
  • Increase off-season use by expanding into other uses for property (cater parties, receptions, etc.

Claron Hotel offers a comprehensive range of services including accommodation, food and beverage, and banqueting. Our guest rooms are renowned for their spaciousness and luxury. With a total of 250 rooms and suites, all windows are sound insulated and provide breathtaking views.

Each Guest Room is tastefully decorated in warm, muted colors and includes a cozy writing desk. Additionally, each room boasts a spacious marble bathroom with a full-size bathtub and a separate shower. For added convenience, the Suites are equipped with a separate toilet and washbasin dedicated for visitors.

Experience the exquisite cuisine and inviting atmosphere of Brisbane’s top restaurants. Treat yourself to a delightful dining experience at Cafe Mix or savor exceptional culinary delights at Altitude Restaurant in Claron Hotel. Brisbane boasts a remarkable selection of Australian cuisine showcasing the country’s finest produce. Cafe Mix serves a delectable range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets featuring Indian, Japanese, Australian, and Chinese dishes. Indulge in a tempting dessert buffet complete with chocolate fountains and homemade gelato.

The Blu Horizon Bar, formerly known as a top floor gem, has been given a new name and an exquisitely stunning design. This bar offers an impressive array of the latest cocktails, along with premium wines and champagnes. The Café Mix Cuisine is a restaurant that caters to international tastes through its à la carte and buffet options, including vegetarian dishes. With open kitchens showcasing their culinary skills, the restaurant also presents seasonal displays of fresh local produce, seafood, pasta and noodles; not to mention Tandoori ovens and Asian woks. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner you seek, this eatery is the ideal spot for dining with friends, family or business associates. Lastly but not leastly there’s the Lobby Lounge Cuisine which offers light fare complete with vegetarian choices. Throughout the day guests can unwind in its relaxed atmosphere while enjoying refreshments.

In the evening, guests can enjoy their favorite cocktail or beverage and listen to the alluring sounds of the resident pianist. Our lounges and bars are perfect for savoring a beer or sampling international wines and liqueurs. These areas are also popular meeting spots for casual socializing. The Blu Horizon Bar, inspired by New York, is a must-see with its urban sophistication and panoramic views of the Brisbane river. At the 5-star Claron Hotel in Brisbane City Centre, we offer an exceptional guest experience with banqueting facilities that must be seen to be believed.

This premier Claron hotel offers a serene and sophisticated ambiance, creating an ideal option for your event. Whether you’re arranging an intimate dinner for ten or a grand office party for three hundred, we have the perfect venue and knowledgeable staff to guarantee an unforgettable experience. Our hotel excels in organizing themed evenings, wine tastings’, business launches, corporate lunches, and various other events. Please don’t hesitate to consult one of our proficient Banqueting Co-ordinators who are ready to address availability concerns and offer further details to ensure the triumph of your corporate function.

Please be aware that we consider each event as unique, which enables us to customize our menu choices and room setups based on your specific requirements. If you have any particular requests, kindly inform the Banqueting Co-ordinator. Our Banqueting co-ordinators are delighted to help you with the planning of your event. To reach them directly, please dial 07186132 or send an email.

In the current recession, we will use the price bundling strategy to attract more customers. We want to boost sales and increase room occupancy. We offer a value for money deal that includes a range of facilities and products. Our staff provides quality service in the industry. This deal is our way of welcoming customers and showing our gratitude for their loyalty. The deal has different levels (Classic, Executive, and Elite) based on the anticipation level of our regular guests in previous years. All guests can enroll and immediately take advantage of the deal at the minimum level, regardless of their stay history.

The benefits of staying at our hotels will increase for our guests. They will also be eligible for any new deals or benefits that the management may include in the future. Some of the benefits of these deals include priority check-in, room upgrades, free entry to the gym at specified times, complimentary drinks, gift vouchers for shopping within the hotel shops, and free stays for partners or guests with complimentary breakfast. Our goal is to capture people’s attention and provide more services and benefit programs through recognition programs. This will give our past and regular guests more reasons to continue staying with us in the future.

Prestige Pricing is a strategy that acknowledges the potential deterrent effect of lower prices on sales and recognizes that setting prices at a high level can be perceived by buyers as a sign of superior quality. The Claron hotel understands the importance of accurate forecasting, which is based on historical data, in order to achieve successful revenue management. However, this year’s conditions differ from the past few years, when hotels had high occupancy rates. Therefore, revenue managers must remain flexible with their pricing strategies. The booking trends clearly indicate that people are uncertain about their finances and therefore hesitant to make advance bookings. In response to guest booking patterns, the Claron hotel adjusts its pricing strategies.

Flexibility is crucial in the hotel industry. This includes offering flexible cancellation policies to encourage customers to book in advance. It also involves being flexible in imposing restrictions on the length of stay and having flexible release dates for allocated inventory. Additionally, hotels should have the ability to offer last minute deals. All of these strategies should be considered for success. In light of the economic downturn, effective crisis management and short-term pricing strategies are vital for the success of a Claron hotel. However, hotels must not forget that there will eventually be a recovery and they need to maintain their reputation during this recession. In fact, some hotels may even find themselves stronger as they attract new business clients through a change in pricing strategy.

Claron hotel auditorium Hotels offer the latest and most comprehensive facilities in their cities, making them perfect venues for your events. Each venue is fully equipped with state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment including projectors, screens, computer point connections, and 32 inch or larger plasma televisions for multimedia presentations and displays. Selected locations also provide simultaneous interpretation facilities. Our auditoriums are thoughtfully designed with spacious layouts and feature a dedicated stage and backdrop.

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