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Segmentation and Target Market Profile

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Segmentation / Target Market Profile Segmentation is the process of dividing a market into distinct group of buyer who may require separate products. Segmentation Analysis is the process of examining various submarkets and selecting those most appropriate for a company. In order to analyze our market segmentation appropriately, first of all, we need to identify the bases for segmenting the market. As to our hotel, the basic bases include geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation, and psychographic segmentation. Our geographic segmentation is divided into business market, tourist market and wedding market.

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Segmentation and Target Market Profile
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Demographic Segmentation includes guest’s age, gender, income etc Psychographic Segmentation includes social class, personality, lifestyle, etc. we divided target market of Claron hotel into 2 major groups. First is Business Corporate Group which is expected to use Claron Hotel’s service during weekdays. The second group is wedding couples who are looking for the best place and excellent service for their wedding day. According to statistics of Tourism Queensland the total business visitors in Brisbane CBD will be 8,25000 this includes 1,82,750 business visitors and 3,29,905 convention/corporate visitors.

If we are focus in this target market they going to be represent an excellent profit for us. Queensland take the State’s, natural and cultural attributes for granted. The fact is that, despite not having well recognized tourism attractions such as beach or theme parks etc… ; and not having a large city population base, the State is performing well in tourism and business aspect. Queensland’s average 8% share of Australian tourism. According to Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre’s data, there are multiple Exhibitions, Live shows and Conventions coming up.

This will help the growth of the tourism and business market. The package provided by The Claron Hotel is definitely very attractive to the tourism and business market. But for establishing a 5 star hotel, located in the CBD, business corporate people are out main target for weekdays and Weddings and events on the weekends For targeting any market we have to analysis the target local, national or international business. For example for business we have some groups like ? Business Market. Business travelers represent a large portion of lodging demand in many market areas.

They include people traveling on business representing commercial, industrial and governmental organizations. Peak business demand is usually experienced Monday through Thursday nights. Sub-Class of business Market • Conventions • Association Meetings • Corporate Meetings etc. • CONVENTIONS: conventions are usually the annual meeting of an association and include general sessions, committee meetings, and special interest sessions. A trade show is often an important part of an annual convention. • ASSOCIATION MEETINGS: Association sponsors many kind of meetings, including regional, special interest, educational and board meetings. CORPORATE MEETINGS: A corporate meeting is a command performance for employee of a company. The corporation’s major concern is that the meeting be productive and accomplish the company’s objective. • SMERF GROUP: SMERF stands for social, military, educational, religious, and fraternal organization . This group of specialty markets has a common price-sensitive thread. • FIT: According to statistic bearue this year and coming year the number of Free Independent Travelers in Brisbane will be approximately 1,65,327. WEDDING: Due to our good location, wedding market is also another profitable market for us. It brings extra profit for us mainly on weekends and holidays. As we know Brisbane is not a tourist place. People often comes here for business purposes. They plan to marry at some special occasions so in 2009-10 approximately gathering for weddings would be 74,6,88. The number of Tourist coming in Brisbane for next one year is divided in major six parts. |2009-2010 |Business |Asso. Corporate |Convention |Fit |Wedding | |Jul |18,229 |6,827 |19,329 |10,814 |11,998 |2,876 | |Aug |19,826 |7,551 |18,726 |12,422 |14,721 |2,572 | |Sep |19,711 |8,271 |20,276 |13,709 |15,109 |4,703 | |Oct |16,322 |8,131 |21,416 |11,752 |13,611 |7,127 | |Nov |9277 |6,216 |14,982 |9,872 |19,141 |9,224 | |Dec |8741 |5,213 |13,509 |9,623 |18,933 |10,214 | |Jan |9819 |4,276 |15,613 |11,862 |11,213 |9,219 | |Feb |12,823 |5,734 |15,833 |10,719 |9,846 |8,014 | |Mar |14,635 |5,619 |14,944 |9,921 |12,572 |7,511 | |Apr |19,724 |3,723 |13,446 |9,832 |11,052 |6,501 | |May |18,898 |3,786 |14,112 |11,823 |10,117 |5,502 | |June |19,745 |6,983 |15,064 |12,306 |17,014 |5,721 | |Total |1,82,750 |72,330 |1,97,250 |1,32,655 |1,65,327 |74,688 | Coming years objectives and quotas

Quotas: The quotas for Claron hotel in 2009 room occupancy is 65%, the room occupancy will around 73% to 75%, after year 2010; If take proper sales promotion, the room occupancy will get back to 80% before 2010. According to the Tourism Forecast from Tourism Queensland we can see the population of tourism in Queensland will fall down a little bit by the effect of petrol price raising and food cost raising and flight ticket price raising. However, the population of tourism in Queensland will slowly come back after year 2009. Tourism industry profitability and sustainability require a balance between visitor numbers and expenditure. One goal of the QTS is to grow visitor expenditure; this may be achieved by an increase in visitor numbers, an extension of length of stay or increased expenditure per visitor.

By focusing marketing activities on ‘preferred visitors’ the aim of the QTS is to achieve increased expenditure and industry sustainability while avoiding the damaging impacts of ‘profitless volume’. Traditional indicators such as visitor numbers, visitor nights and length of stay will continue to be monitored. (Please view appendix ) [pic] Quantitative objectives: 1. Maintaining a 65% occupancy rate each month. 2. Maintain positive, steady, growth each month. 3. Assembling an experience and effective staff. 4. Experience an increase in new clients who are turned into long-term customers & to increase the number of clients by 10% each year. 5. Realize a growth strategy per year. Other objectives: 1.

Open the Shangri-la with “turnkey operation” with existing bookings from the previous owners, and new bookings under a same rental rate after possession. 2. Offering the discounts for regular groups or try to give them better facilities/services. 3. Know the competitor’s clients and try to attract them with highly quality of services or any other magnetize offer. 4. Increase off-season occupancy by 30% the first year. 5. Attract the Targeted people of groups. 6. Exceeding the customer’s expectations for hunting and vacationing accommodations. 7. Realize a growth strategy per year. 8. Maintain positive, steady, growth each month. Actions to be taken: 1. To attract our Targeted goals like small groups, wedding, we need to advertise more and contact them personally. 2.

Increase exposure and market using Internet technology and direct advertising. 3. Through incentives and increased exposure on the Internet, we hope to increase off-season occupancy by 30% the first year. 4. Increase off-season use by expanding into other uses for property (cater parties, receptions, etc. Product In claron hotel we will describe our Accommodation, food and beverage or banqueting. Accommodation: [pic] Guest rooms at the claron Hotel brisbane are some of the most spacious and luxurious in the city. Claron hotel Brisbane has a total 250 rooms and suites, All windows are sound insulated and very large to make the most of the stunning views.

Stylishly furnished in warm, subdued tones with a comfortable writing desk, each Guest Room also features a large marble bathroom with full size bath and separate shower. Suites include a separate toilet and washbasin for visitors. Rooms feature: [pic]Air conditioning [pic]Television [pic]In house movies [pic]Coffee & Tea making facilities [pic]Mini bar [pic]Telephone [pic]Independent fax line [pic]Pillow menu [pic]Bathrobes [pic]Hairdryer [pic]Internet access [pic]special Iron & Ironing board Deluxe City View: Enjoy brisbanes spectacular sunsets with sensational 180 degrees views over story bridge. Bedding is 1 King bed or 2 Single beds. Maximum room capacity is 3 Adults and Children.

Deluxe River View: Deluxe 5 star accommodation with sensational views of Brisbane river, Bedding is 1 King bed or 2 Single beds. Maximum room capacity is 3 Adults and Children. Deluxe Grand View: Enjoy spectacular 180 degree panoramic views of Brisbane river and story bridge all from one of our extra large King bedded deluxe Grand view rooms. Bedding is 1 King bed or 2 Single beds. Maximum room capacity is 3 Adults and Children. Horizon Club : The Horizon Club has exclusive benefits where guests can experience a higher standard of accommodation and personalised service. Horizon Club benefits include free buffet breakfast, free evening cocktails and canapes served in the club lounge.

Bedding is 1 King bed or 2 Single beds. Maximum room capacity is 3 Adults and Children. Executive Grand Suite: Luxurious suite accommodation with panoramic views of Brisbane river. Suite guests enjoy complimentary breakfast and evening cocktails are served at our exclusive Horizon Club lounge. Bedding is 1 King bed or 2 Single beds. Maximum room capacity is 3 Adults and Children. Dining [pic]Claron hotel, Brisbane offers a diverse array of world class, award winning restaurants and bars, all with a level of service and cuisine that is a cut above. Each of the restaurants and bars feature beautifully appointed decor and most boast stunning views. Facilities pic]Professional Concierge [pic]Valet [pic]Laundry and dry cleaning services [pic]Hair and Beauty Salon [pic]Gymnasium [pic]Sauna [pic]Spa and steam room [pic]Indoor Swimming Pool [pic]Lobby Shop [pic]Florist [pic]Conference facilities [pic]Business Centre [pic]Express Check-out [pic]Foreign Exchange Service Food and Beverage: Restaurants Indulge in the tantalising cuisine and warm ambience of some of the best restaurants in Brisbane. From an interactive dining experience at Cafe Mix to superlative culinary experiences at Altitude Restaurant dining at the Claron Hotel, Brisbane offers a delicious sampling of Australia’s finest produce. Cafe Mix offers freshly prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets with a selection of Indian, Japanese, Australian and Chinese cuisines and mouth-watering dessert buffet including chocolate fountains and homemade gelato. Fresh lobsters and smoked salmon options along with an A La Carte menu are also available

Blu Horizon Bar: With a new name comes a new era, and a refreshingly breathtaking design which showcases this fabulous top floor gem, Blu Horizon Bar. The bar offers the best selection of your favourite and the latest cocktails, premium wines and champagnes. Cafe Mix Cuisine: International a la carte and buffet, with vegetarian options. Cafe Mix features open kitchens, seasonal displays of fresh local produce, seafood, pasta and noodles, Tandoori ovens and Asian woks; presented in colourful clusters of cuisine. Mix is the perfect place to dine with friends, family or business associates for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Lobby Lounge Cuisine: Light fare, with vegetarian options The Lobby Lounge offers guests a relaxed atmosphere where refreshments are available throughout the day.

In the evening guests can enjoy their favourite cocktail or beverage and the alluring sounds of the resident pianist. Lounges & Bars Enjoy a beer or savour an international sampling of wines and liqueurs at our bars and lounges, which also serve as popular spots for meeting and casual socialising. An attraction in its own right, the New York-inspired Blu Horizon Bar exudes urban sophistication. The exclusive cocktail lounge is located high above the city with panoramic views of Brisbane river. Banqueting At the 5 star Claron Hotel in Brisbane City Centre, we offer a total guest experience, with banqueting facilities that must be experienced to be appreciated.

Quietly elegant, warm and friendly, this deluxe Claron hotel is the perfect venue for your event. Whether it be a private dinner for ten, through to an office party night for three hundred, we have the setting and expertise to guarantee a memorable occasion. Themed Evenings, Wine Tastings’, Business Launches, Corporate Lunches are just a sample of events that the hotel are happy to offer their expertise on planning to ensure a professional & successful event. Due to the vast array of options, you may take comfort in talking to one of our professional Banqueting Co-ordinators, who will be more than happy to take you through our availability and other details.

Please note that as we feel an event is an individual occasion, we cater for each and every event individually, therefore we are not bound to the menu choices or room layouts shown on the down loads. As such, should you wish any special requests, please do not hesitate to mention this to the Banqueting Co-ordinator. Our Banqueting co-ordinators will be happy to assist you throughout the planning of your event to contact them directly please phone on 07186132 or by e-mail. Hotel amenities • Air conditioning • Baby sitter • Bar • Beauty salon • Business center • Cable TV • Cafeteria • City tour • Conference room • Currency exchange • Facilities for disabled people • Gym • Hairdresser • Hairdryer in room High speed Internet conne • Indoor swimming pool • Kitchen in apartment • Lounge bar • Massages • Mini bar • Newspapers • Non-smoking rooms • Reading lounge • Sauna • Secretarial service • Telephone • Wi-Fi Internet connection • Swimming Pool • Parking • Room Service • Bathrobes PRICING OBJECTIVE The Claron hotel focuses on group of business people or family more than group tours because we need to keep the qualities and brand loyalty by Shangri-la group. We actually want to provide our customer good pricing structures with better quality as compare to other hotels. The pricing strategy is divided into two parts are as follows: PRICE BUNDLING

To boost the sale and raise the occupancy level of our rooms in the current insecure financial environment of recession, we would use the price bundling strategy to attract more customer to experience the quality lifestyle by utilizing the range of facilities and products under a value for money deal complemented by the quality service provided by our staff in the industry. This is simply to welcome people by promoting a value for money deal as well as giving them recognition of gratitude for being a loyal customer. The deal will have different levels e. g. Classic, Executive and Elite, depending upon the anticipation level of our regular arrivals or guests in the past years. All guests can enrol and will be eligible to take advantage of the deal at the minimum level immediately regardless of their stay period history.

But benefits will increase as they will continue to stay more at any of our hotels and will be eligible for any new deals or benefits that may be included by the management in the future. Benefits of such deals will include: priority check-in, room upgrade, free entry to gym for specified time of the day, complementary drinks, gift vouchers to shop within the hotel shops, free partner or guest stays with complementary breakfast, We believe that by employing price bundling strategy we will sure to capture people’s attention and more importantly it will give more reasons for our past and regular guests to continue their stay with us in the future as we tend to provide more services and benefit programs for our loyal customers through these recognition programs. PRESTIGE PRICING

Prestige Pricing a pricing strategy in which prices are set at a high level, recognising that lower prices will inhibit sales rather than encourage them and that buyers will associate a high price for the product with superior quality. The Claron hotel believes successful revenue management requires accurate forecasting based on historical data. But this year does not look like the past few years when hotels were enjoying high occupancy. Therefore it’s so important that this year, revenue managers are flexible with their pricing strategies. The booking trends clearly show people are insecure about their finances and thus reluctant to pre-pay bookings in advance. The Claron hotel adapts their pricing strategies in accordance to guest booking patterns.

Flexibility is the key; flexible cancellation policies to encourage advance bookings, flexibility in length of stay restrictions, flexible release dates on allocated inventory and the flexibility to offer last minute deals are all strategies that should be considered”. Due to the economic downturn, the success of a Claron hotel is determined by effective crisis management and the ability to adopt short-term pricing strategies and improvements. However, it must not be forgotten that there will be a recovery eventually and hotels need to emerge from a recession with their reputation intact. Some hotels may even see themselves in a stronger position having secured new business clients found through a change in pricing strategy. PROMOTION STRATEGY A successful product or service means nothing unless the benefit of such a service can be communicated clearly to the target market.

A Claron hotel total marketing communications program, called its promotion mix, consists of a specific blend advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and personal selling to achieve advertising and marketing objectives. The Claron hotel is not targeting to promote our products on the busy time like Christmas, New year, Easter, sports season, Claron hotel targeting how to promote the product in the quite season. Holiday Royal Queensland ShowWednesday, 12 August Christmas DayFriday, 25 December Boxing DayMonday, 28 December New Year’s DayFriday, 1 January Australia DayTuesday, 26 January Good FridayFriday, 2 April Easter SaturdaySaturday, 3 April Easter MondayMonday, 5 April Anzac DayMonday, 26 April Labour Day Monday, 3 May

Queen’s Birthday Monday, 14 June During the quite time Claron hotel target area is company’s events/meetings, weddings and weekends. EVENTS/MEETINGS Claron hotel auditorium Hotels are the ideal venues to stage your events by offering the newest and most comprehensive facilities in their cities. All venues are fully equipped with high-tech audio and visual equipment: projectors and screens for multimedia presentations and displays; computer point connections and a 32 inch or larger plasma television. Simultaneous interpretation facilities are available in selected locations. Our auditoriums are spaciously designed with dedicated stage and backdrop.

The seats in theatre style are ascending to ensure the best view of stage and are made to offer most comfort. Each seat is accessible to the internet and some with removable or extendable table-tops. • Auditorium rental from 8am until noon, or from 1pm to 5pm • Use of LCD projector, screen and built-in audio and visual equipment • Complimentary broadband Internet access • Dedicated on-site technician throughout the event • Complimentary flower arrangement for the podium, head table and VIP corsage • Complimentary bottled mineral water • Stationery arrangement at every seat • One coffee break with coffee and tea service throughout the function WEDDINGS

The ideal wedding reception venue, the Claron hotel plays consummate host for weddings, engagement parties and private special events, setting a new standard in romantic elegance. Perfect for the most elegant reception, the Grand Ballroom’s Venetian chandeliers, exquisite decor and collection of fine art set a tone of opulence and grandeur. For an outdoor setting, ‘Heritage Plaza Marquee’, offers a quaint, weatherproofed courtyard nestled amid heritage-listed cottages. VALUABLE WEDDING PACKAGES The Wedding Package The perfect venue for the perfect day From $130. 00 per person * Pre dinner drinks One hour service of our selected red, white and sparkling wines, Australian beer, orange juice and soft drinks. Banquet dinner Three course set menu dinner of your choice including coffee, tea and petits fours. Beverages 4. hours unlimited service of our selected red and white wines, Australian beer, orange juice and soft drinks. A glass of fine Australian sparkling wine for the Bridal Toast. Decorations Silver three pronged candelabra for each table. One printed book style menu per couple. Accommodation Overnight accommodation in a Premier Brisbane River View King Room for the bride and groom. Valet parking for three cars. Chocolates and fine Australian sparkling wine on arrival with full Australian breakfast served in your room. Minimum numbers apply: a surcharge of $4. 40 per person applies to alternate menus and $16. 50 per person to choice menus. *Terms and conditions apply *Subject to package availability [pic]

The Deluxe Wedding Package A day that will live on in your memory forever. From $155. 00 per person * Pre Dinner Drinks and canapes One hour service of our selected red, white and sparkling wines, Australian beer, orange juice and soft drinks. A deluxe selection of four hot and cold canapes per person. Banquet dinner Three course alternate menu dinner of your choice including coffee, tea and petits fours. Beverages 4. 5 hours unlimited service of our selected red and white wines, Australian beer, orange juice and soft drinks. A glass of fine Australian sparkling wine for the Bridal Toast. Flowers and decorations Long and low floral arrangements for the bridal table.

Silver candelabra with floral centrepiece for each table beautifully prepared by our florist. One printed book style menu per couple. Accommodation Overnight accommodation in a Premier Brisbane River View King Room for the bride and groom. Valet parking for four cars. Flowers, chocolates and fine Australian sparkling wine with full Australian breakfast served in your room. Minimum numbers apply: a surcharge of $16. 50 per person applies to choice menus. *Terms & conditions apply *Subject to package availability [pic] On your wedding night what better way to start your new life together than in the 5 star deluxe surrounds of the Shangri-La Hotel Sydney.

Open the doors to your magnificent Premier Brisbane River View King Room to be greeted by the breathtaking sights of South Bank, with the Brisbane River view and South Bank stretching out before you in all their glory. You might like to enjoy a quiet nightcap together in our famous Horizons Bar on the 36th Floor, or you may want to take a relaxing dip in our indoor pool and spa, but then again maybe you won’t… We offer special rates for accommodation to all your family and friends on your wedding night. PLACE (DISTRIBUTION) STRATEGY. The Claron hotel Brisbane is one of the up growing five-star deluxe hotel in Brisbane. Located in the centre of the city, our hotel offers 250 spacious and inspired luxury guest rooms and suites.

Apart from a superb location and the city’s largest accommodations among Brisbane hotels, the hotel offers some of the city’s finest dining, including Altitude Restaurant, our award-winning contemporary restaurant. The hotel’s meeting and business facilities are second to none. Whether an individual traveller is in need of basic business facilities, or a company wishes to host a lavish event, the trained staffs at Shangri-La Hotel, Brisbane are equipped to handle virtually every conceivable scenario. The hotel’s private meeting rooms and Business Centre are all equipped with state-of-the-art video conferencing services and wireless Internet resources, making the hotel a reliable resource for the most demanding guests. Claron hotel promote their valuable offers through electronic media TV commercials display the Ad on most visiting web pages.

Print media also doing a great part in promotion such as brochures Ads on business magazines and distributes flyers during the flights and billboards on the busy areas like city and airport. SALES STRATEGIES • Prevention erosion of Key accounts • Grow Key Accounts • Grow selected marginal Accounts • Eliminate selected marginal accounts • Retain selected marginal accounts but provide lower cost sales support. • Obtain new business from selected prospects Action Sales List the six major sales strategies and indicate how these will be accomplished in the coming year List and describe all tactics that support major sales strategies. Advertising / Promotional Strategies • Select a blend or mix or media Select or approve the message • Design a media schedule showing when each media when it will be employed • Design a schedule of events • Carefully transmit this to management • Supervise the development and implementation of advertisement / promotional material, with particular care to timetables and budget constrains. • Ensure responsibility of outcome Action advertising/promotion • Develop advertising promotion strategies to meet marketing sales objectives • Develop an advertising promotion mix of appropriate media • Develop messages appropriate for the selected media to reach designed objectives • Develop a media and event schedule Pricing strategy Carefully review pricing objectives with departments responsible for pricing planning and implementation. • Refine pricing objectives to reflect sales and revenue forecasts. • Describe pricing strategies to be used through out the year. • Make certain that price sales and promotion/ advertising objectives are synchronized and working to support corporate objectives. Product strategies • Describe the involvement of the marketing department in major strategic product development • Describe the role of the marketing in new product acquisition of product development Describe ongoing or planned product development programs for which marketing has a responsibility.

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