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Marketing Situations

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Answer question # 5 at the end of chapter seven and question # 20 at the end of chapter eight; and the internet exercises on page 184 and page 216. Chapter 7 Q#5: Describe the situations that would lead to the use of the three different buying processes for a particular product – lightweight bumpers for a pickup truck. New task buying- Selling light weight bumpers for a pickup truck to clientele that has little or no experience in dealing with auto parts. Modified Rebuy- Selling light weight bumpers to clientele that has had experience in buying auto parts, possibly trying a different brand instead.

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Straight rebuy- selling light weight bumpers to clientele who are loyal customers, maybe buying a newer model, color, etc. Chapter 8 Q#20: A marketing manager is considering opportunities to export her firm’s current consumer products to several different countries. She is interested in getting secondary data that will help her narrow down choices to countries that offer the best potential. The manager then plans to do more detailed primary research with consumers in those markets.

What suggestions would you give her about how to proceed?

I would suggest that she initially decide on a few counties to market the product, and then find the target group for said product, and give out the product while observing how the clientele use the product. Like WD-40 did in the text (Perreault p220), she could conduct survey’s afterwards and evolve her product to be more marketable in those countries in ways they might not have been in her country. Internet exercise pg184: What types of products could be purchased by requesting a free quote on this site? Look through the buyer’s guide. Look at the buyer’s guides for other products as well.

What can be learned about buying different products from buyerzone. com? For a marketing manager targeting smaller businesses, how could this site be helpful? Something that can be learned about buying different products from buyerzone. com is how well they tailor your search to what your needs are. From the style of the chair, all the way down to the material and amount you desire. This is a great way to make searching for what you want to buy quick, easy, and accurate. This site could be helpful by analyzing the data submitted from the surveys. There’s an increase in ergonomic task chairs?

Are people more concerned about their posture when sitting at their desks for longer periods of time? By analyzing the data you could quickly notice growing trends of the consumers. Internet exercise pg216: Assume that your boss has asked you to do a customer satisfaction survey. As part of a situation analysis, you want to get ideas about what others have done in this area. Go to the website for the Google search engine. In the dialogue box type ‘customer satisfaction survey’ (include the single quote marks) and click on the Google search. Look at some of the websites identified. How helpful is this?

How could it be improved? Google’s search engine provided very helpful results on example customer satisfaction surveys, plenty of first page results showed examples of questions that should be asked to identify problems and options for ways to fix them. An improvement could be a “best option” answer for your search. A few of the links even on the first page were either ways to make a survey or already created surveys. Over time more and more people will search the same thing, if more people click on the third link down, then Google could highlight that as one of the most frequented for that search result list.

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