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For the intent of this paper sing the faculty of Strategic Marketing for the class Master Business Administration, a local company or industry Selling Strategy must been analyze. I had chosen to analyse the Marketing Strategy of the Landslotterij N.V. , to find what the Selling Strategy utilizations are. To be able to analyse the Marketing Strategy of Landslotterij it is of import to understanding what type of organisation The Landslotterij N.V is.

The Landslotterij N.V is a lottery game that does non necessitate specific cognition, unlike other chancing activities like athleticss wagering or casino table games. Tickets are comparatively cheap and can be purchased at a big figure of retail on street or shop. This simple, inexpensive and widely accessible nature makes lottery chancing much more popular than other signifiers of chancing and hence lottery engagement rates are expected to be higher than for other types of gaming.

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Although the basic regulations are the same, modern lotteries include many different formats and may be known by different names in different states. The chief lottery formats are: draw ( inactive ) lotteries, where tickets are pre-numbered and awards are set in progress, so the function of the participant is limited to of Numberss which are entered into the draw and victors are determined by a indiscriminately determined set of Numberss.

In Curacao we know Landslotterij as a National Lottery in the word of oral cavity “biechi” that is be operate by the authorities. Ticket are be sold by more than 800 resellers, with their day-to-day nowadays in the street, vicinity and shop of Curacao, The Landslotterij has become a phenomenon that is familiar to everyone.

The Landsloterij N.A. is a market-driven organisation with pro-active and advanced selling scheme, has extremely skilled and motivated staff to continually better the organisation and its service to the populace. The purpose is to derive new clients and keep its current clients. The grosss should be allocated to back up societal undertakings for the development and societal wellbeing of the society.

Background information

In the twelvemonth 1797 the National Lottery was founded under the disposal of the De Veer. Due to batch of job and deficiency of involvement the National Lottery was discontinued. In the 19Thursdaycentury the raffling became a popular phenomenon in Curacao. So the National Lottery was an issue. The National Lottery that we know in Curacao as Landslotterij in the new epoch was founded in 1949. The authoritiess had implements revenue enhancement and ordinance act to modulate the gaming on the islands of the of former Netherlandss Antilles ( Gibbes, F.E. , Ree-Zimmerman new wave, C.A. , & A ; Soriwaner, M.A. 2007 ) .

Harmonizing to Clotfelter, C. and Cook, P. ( 1987 ) Lottery can be describe as a gaming based on the drawing of tonss, or random Numberss, to find the victor of a award. Nowadays Lotteries has spread in all over the universe. The biggest lottery operations are in Europe, viz. Spain United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland and in the most provinces of the US. The authoritiess operate the lottery, the big amounts extracted from consumers can be regarded as an inexplicit revenue enhancement on those who choose to gaming.

Since lotteries exist all over the universe, a big literature on economic facets of lotteries has developed. Outside the United States, lottery dominates most gambling markets. In Spain the gross revenues of lottery tickets surpassed 9.4 billion Euros in 2007 ; this represents over 94 % of the grosss generated by games managed by the authorities in Spain and about a 30 % of the all gambling outgo in Spain( Humphreys, B. , & A ; Perez, L. 2012 ) .

Harmonizing to Trousdale, M. A. , and Dunn, R. A. ( 2014 ) Lottery is an of import and turning beginning of gross for province, provincial, and national authoritiess. Although the purchase of lottery tickets violates the premises of some economic theoretical accounts ( hazard antipathy, expected wealth maximizing and rational behavior ) lottery likely is the most popular signifier of chancing in many states. Risking little amounts of money for the opportunity to win a really big award attracts many participants.

So economic analysis provides information about whether the demand for lottery games responds to anticipate return, as maximising behavior predicts, or whether the distant opportunity of winning a life altering amount is the cardinal characteristic participants take into history. Lotteries can therefore be analysed from either of two economic positions: as a beginning of public gross or as a consumer trade good.

Lin, E. S. , and Shih-Ying, W. ( 2007)conclude that persons consider direct parts and indirect parts via buying charitable lotteries as being complementary to each other based on a cross-sectional information set from Canada. Their consequences imply that direct parts may increase with the popularity of charitable lotteries. Taiwan started its first charitable pari-mutual lottery on 16 January 2002, owing to widespread belowground lotteries and the demand for fiscal.

The Marketing Strategy of Landslotterij N.V is the addition the mean gross revenues with at least 20 % in the first twelvemonth and 2nd twelvemonth and with 15 % to boot in 3rd twelvemonth. The Landslotterij is the biggest protagonist of ports charitable causes in the community.

Problem definition

The Landsloterij N.A. is a market-driven organisation with pro-active and advanced selling scheme, has extremely skilled and motivated staff to continually better the organisation and its service to the populace. The purpose is to derive new clients and keep its current clients. The grosss should be allocated to back up societal undertakings for the development and societal wellbeing of the society.

Markets Analysis

To analyse how the Landslotterij was performed on the concern efficiencies a SWOT analysis was behavior. The Landsloterij is a alleged Public Law Entity, wherein all activities and personal resort under the legal power of the Minister of Finance. The Landsloteriij was founded 1949 and started its operations at times of the Netherlands Antilles. Despite the constitutional alterations, foremost with the “Status aparte” of Aruba ( 1986 ) followed by the dismantlement of the Netherlands Antilles ( 2010 ) , the Landsloterij has been able to go on its operations on all the six islands of the former Netherlands Antilles.

The Landsloterij strives to maximise the grosss generated by its lotteries, with the purpose to maximise the positive part to the societal development of the local communities. Therefore the Landsloterij is the lone lottery whose returns from ticket gross revenues are used to finance socio-economic, charity, humanistic disciplines and scientific discipline undertakings.

The selling construct of Landslotterij is one really reserve. Although the Landsloterij possesses great cognition of its market. After all, it has been runing on this market for about 66 old ages. Can be notice that Landslotterij have maintained the same market attack for the last 7 decennaries. The factors that lead to good or bad gross revenues on the different islands are identified and acted upon. The mark market has been chiefly determined by the statute law of the former Netherlands Antilles. After the dismantlement of the Netherlands Antilles the Landsloterij continued its operations on the islands.

The Landsloterij has been able to go on its operations on these islands because they all adopted local lottery Torahs similar to the “Lansloterijlandsverordening 1949” applicable in times of the Netherlands Antilles. Landslotterij is non confronting a direct competition of the same class of chancing on the local country. Where you can purchase a ticket for a little sum of money and can win the millionaire award.

The S.W.O.T analysis

To acquire a better position how the Landslotterij was perform on the market, a S.W.O.T analysis has been conducted.


  • The Landsloterij is a dependable and crystalline organisation significance that there has ne’er ( or at least in recent memory ) been any job sing to the payout of awards. In add-on the awards are instantly available so that the victors are paid without any signifier of holds.
  • On some of the Islands re-sellers do most of the ticket merchandising. Because the re-sellers are non in service of the Landsloterij, gross revenues method offers all of the advantages of personal merchandising whilst holding a trade whit none of the disadvantages.


  • The Landsloterijverordening sets really rigorous regulations under which the Landsloterij has to run. Therefore it limits the possibilities of monetary value and value accommodation every bit good as the debut of new awards and or new attractive signifiers of lottery.
  • On the other islands non being Curacao the Landsloterij is excessively dependent of the terminal holders and their motive to bring on ( more ) gross revenues.


  • The authorities late has launched e serious onslaught on all signifiers of illegal lottery. Thereby doing the population aware of all kinds of illegal lottery ( and chancing ) and besides approving those who sell illegal signifiers of lottery
  • The cyberspace provide all sort of chances to do a more aggressive Marketing Strategy.


Recently other signifiers of lottery are coming up on the market ( e.g. Florida Lotto )

Even though Landsloterij has no rivals of precisely the same type its competition comes from the chancing possibilities in general. This means that it has to look at the competition from a wide spectrum. The following are illustrations of the competition Landsloterij has to face:

  • Wega di figure Korsow ( and therefore all the lottery offices ) ;
  • Sports betting ;
  • Casino ( specifically with respects to bingo ) ;
  • Lotto ( Florida and Aruba )

The Landslotterij lone offers tickets, “biechi” , at a sensible monetary value in a bi-weekly drawing. Particular awards are being offered, when person loses the normal drawing. The purchaser gets a 2nd to win one particular award.

Selling Scheme

In this subdivision a description of the selling scheme that The Landsloterij is taking for the following three old ages will be given. The key to the selling scheme is to concentrate on the sale of all of the 35.000 ticket produced. The Landslotterij is the lone local national lottery and it targets different section within the communities. Although each section has its ain features and demands, the merchandise offered by the Landslotterij, which is the opportunity to win a immense sum of money fascinates them.

Marketing aims

The selling aims of this selling scheme are to accomplish a steady addition in market incursion, retain the current resellers and consumers and to pull new resellers and new consumers. This will take to higher net income, increasing the possibility for The Landsloterij to do more contributions to the community.

Fiscal aims

The fiscal aim is to increase the net income by the increasing the sale with 20 % within the 1stand 2neodymiumtwelvemonth and 15 % within the 3rdtwelvemonth. Maintain or increase budget destined for societal part.


The profile for the typical purchaser of a lottery ticket by the Landsloterij is a really complex one at varies well per mark market. This fluctuation is due to the size of but most significantly the ( multicultural ) configuration within the mark markets and the alterations this configuration has gone true during the old ages.


The geographic mark country coincides with the mark markets. This facilitates the attack because the selling scheme can be easy costumed to the demands of the mark and geographic markets. The markets can easy be reached true Internet, telecasting and wireless.

The sum targeted population is about 250.000 people.


There are no specific demographic facets that must be taken into consideration.

  • No research has been done on how many males and females buy the lottery tickets, hence there is no clear difference between female and male lottery purchasers. This facet is the more or less the same on all the islands. Therefore no differentiation will be made with respect to gender.
  • The norm targeted population is between 15 and 64 old ages old. In Curacao is this harmonizing to consequences of the 2011 Census produced by Central Bureau of Statistics ( 2012 ) was this about 66.7 % . This covers both the immature population and the older 1s, who are current purchasers.

Behavior factors

  • Some resellers has many regular loyal purchasers, who have the same figure systematically at each drawing.
  • There are besides light purchasers, who buy a ticket on juncture particularly with the expansive awards of 1 million and half million.
  • The behaviour of the purchasers is besides influenced by the economic state of affairs.

The population of the islands of the former Netherlands Antilles has a really peculiar chancing civilization, driven by a certain signifier of superstation in enchantress different life events are interpreted as signals and or anticipations of the result of the lottery. This translates into the demand to hold a signifier of lottery which provides the possibility to win attractive awards but besides is dependable in the sense that one can be certain that won awards are paid without unneeded a due. It’s of import to recognize that the individual who buys the ticket sees the lottery as a agency to carry through his or her dreams.

Thereby some facets are really of import:

  • Transparency: participants have the demand to see for themselves how the drawing is done in order to judge for themselves if this was done in a just manner ;
  • Consistency: participants appreciate the fact that the lottery is consistent intending that the drawings take topographic point as expected, there are no holds, that the tickets are easy assessable and that the awards are paid harmonizing to what has been advertised ;
  • Chance ( of winning ) : people are willing to purchase tickets every bit long as they know that thy have a just and existent opportunity of winning the advertised awards.

Target markets

Lottery is being advertised and sold all around the Earth. In the digital country in which we live presents it is really easy for every one with internet entree to buy a lottery figure. The Landslotterij sells the “briechi” merely in Curacao, Aruba, St.

Maarten and the BES Islands. The entire populations of all the islands are about 314,860. The advantage of the Landslotterij is that the “briechi” is sold on the local market intending a greater possibility to win and the monetary value can be claimed instantly by the victor. Furthermore, the “briechi” has become a portion of our civilization. The mark market are current clients of about older than 45 old ages and the immature professionals between 25 and 45 old ages.


  • The Landslotterij has place its’ ego by utilizing its experience in the industry and the charities it gives to the community.
  • The Landslotterij uses consumers to resell the “biechi” , which is a local attractive force.
  • The Landslotterij gives societal part to the community. All of this on the reverse of their rivals.
  • The Landslotterij is non utilizing the modern engineerings sharply plenty to make new costumier and retain his client


  • The Landslotterij should make client consciousness over the “briechi” and the net income gained, which in portion will be used for societal parts to the community.
  • The landslotterij should do usage of their web-site, word by oral cavity, and advertizements on the societal media.
  • The Landslotterijshould advertisements more sharply through tv-spots ; jangles ( wireless ) , personal merchandising, hoardings and newspapers.
  • The landslotterij should raise the kitty award enable to pull more new purchaser and keep the existent clients.


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