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Media Diary Sample

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Media is the chief mass of communicating ; it can be traditional media like Television. wireless. intelligence documents. magazines or digital like DVD’s. overseas telegram. CD’s. MP3’s. World Wide Web and Email. Media takes a large portion of our lives excessively many people media holds every thing they want they build their ain universe and live in it.

Before making the media diary I knew that I don’t use media that much specially my phone but I discovered that I do.

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Media Diary Sample
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I use my phone to name. text message and instagram the most. I do utilize other media for certain. I truly bask playing video games with my household I even one time video shooting us playing Wii for several yearss and made a picture utilizing IMovie. I made a chart utilizing the media diary to do it easier for me to see how much I use media and what clip. so it shows from the chart that I use media a batch in the weekends.

utilizing Numberss I calculated it as 460 proceedingss maximal in the weekends and 93 proceedingss minimal throughout the hebdomad yearss.

I use my phone ( SAMSUNG Galaxy Note ) to name in exigencies or certain state of affairss because I largely Skype if I want to chew the fat with my friends which is in that instance I used my laptop. I besides use my phone for instagram a batch. I can pass an hr merely utilizing instagram posting exposure or even looking up histories following manner web logs and every thing about manner.

I consider my ego a multi tasker for illustration I would make my prep on the laptop while listening to music and surfing the Internet! I besides tend to compose in the life room while the household is watching telecasting and my brothers playing about. but I largely work in my sister’s room on one disc with her and we ever go off subject and chat about different material. I don’t know why precisely I work in such conditions but the most of import thing is I do it good and carry through my work. Actually right now am composing this in mysister’s room with the music on! !

I would state that I largely use digital media. its non that I ne’er use traditional media but I do it one time or likely twice a hebdomad. I think because we are populating in the twenty-first centaury every thing is developed like we can make about every thing utilizing our phones and laptops even my ma tends to read the intelligence on her I pad.

I learned that we reached a point were media interferes so much in our life were it became a basic needful portion that we cant loose. as for my media usage I would state I cant give up all media at one but I can utilize some thing alternatively of the other like I cant give up utilizing both my phone and laptop at one time. What truly surprised me is the difference between my use of media in the weekdays comparing to the weekends. I found out it can be calculated as half the hebdomad terminal merely utilizing media which is truly a batch of clip.

In decision as the old ages passes more types of media will be discovered and more will be developed. therefore media will stay in our lives for of all time.

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