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Time Spend with a Famous Person

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He is the first Chinese player to attain international celebrity status by joined the Houston Rockets in 2002. Meanwhile, Yao has become one of best-known athlete in China. Yao is his family name,and Ming is given name,and who stands seven foot,five inches. He borns on September 12. 1980 in Shanghai China. He is an only child. As a child,he grews rapidly. And then,started playing basketball at age nine,and went to a junior sports school at the same age.

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Time Spend with a Famous Person
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His parents are former athlete in China,so he has a perfect environment to do what he does really like. Yao has become the first person from China to enter NBA (National Basketball Association )draft in 2001. After that,his talent that playing football was completely bring into play,at the same time,In years 2001to 2007,he has got many achievements. Literally more and more people who began to pay more attention to the superstar on whatever personal life or public activities.

On the other hand,he earns 51 million U. S dollars(357million yuan) in 2008. A major part of income from his sponsorship deals. Like:Visa, Apple,Coca-Cola and McDonald’s. For instance,he has sign with Coca-Cola for the 2008 Olympics,at that moment,at least 32 millions U. S dollars(224 million yuan). Therefore, he has been the richest celebrity in China for six straight years,according the latest financial statistics.

Yao has also participate aggressively in many charity events during career,he has spent a lot time and money on helping the prevention of SARS,AIDS and other diseases in his country, as well as sponsoring school on poor village in remote area in the northwest of China. He has a wonderful family, yao is married to Ye li who a former player for the China women’s national team. Yao said publicly his wife is everything to him. Obviously our superstar has as romantic characer as normal under a very well built body. Furthermore,they got a baby in 2010. There is the biggest news about him that returned to play…

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