Should governments spend more money on improving roads

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Living in modern cities requires more travel, which is why it is essential to have a reliable transportation system. Some people believe that governments should invest in building more roads and highways to accommodate fast cars and reduce travel time. However, it is crucial to consider other issues such as air pollution and the environment. Investing in a public transportation system can reduce pollution and prevent car accidents, which can have a severe impact on families and society. By encouraging people to use public transportation, the government can improve the health and well-being of its citizens. Therefore, the government should invest more in public transportation to prevent pollution and create a healthier environment for people to live in.

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Living in modern cities needs more traveling during the day because people go to different work places. This Is a good reason for having a liable transportation system that is able to transfer very body from one place to another one. Some people think that governments should pay attention to this matter and spend more money to build more roads and highways. They prefer fast cars and a good route to ride their vehicles because they have to work or shop and there is not enough time for all of them.

I believe, governments should have a general view about transportation and it means that there are some other issues that must be considered at the same time. If we spend more money on public transportation system, a lot of people can use It and they don’t have to buy a car to pollute the environment and also we would not have so many car accidents that suffer a lot of families and are a waste of money, and time. These days, every one is aware of air pollution and a great deal of damage to the environment that are caused by fuels.

If the number of private vehicles increases, we can not breathe well. There are deferent diseases In children who live In polluted cities. Nature Is changing and some areas In the world have had “acid rain” that destroyed a lot of trees In forests. Have you thought what would happen to our planet if this situation continues? We must improve public transportation system and make people use it and refuse riding private cars to help ourselves. When we read a newspaper or listen to the news on radio or at T.

V. , we notice how many car crashes happen In a day. A lot of people die or are damaged. Families are sad and every body thinks why all these should happen. If we encourage people to take public transportation, they would be safer and the amount of psychological and economical effect on the society would decrease. As a result, I think government should spend and even invest more money on public transportation to prevent more pollution in cities and let people live In healthy condition. Crease death toll.

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