Mental Health Act of 1983 UK

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Section 2 Admission for Assessment

Section 2 contains the provisions for admission and assessment of individuals who have been suspected to have a mental illness. The provision states that for a limited period of time – 28 days an individual can be admitted to a mental health facility for assessment and treatment after being assessed.

This section applies to individuals who are deemed to be a threat to his/her own safety and to other people. They can be held in a mental health facility by competent persons of authority who determines that the individual needs mental health assessment and treatment.

Section 3 Admission for Treatment

Section 3 contains the provisions for admission and extended treatment of the mentally ill patient. The patient can be detrained for a period of 6 months and can be renewed for succeeding months as the mental treatment program requires. Being detained for treatment will be done when the individual have been found to have a mental illness that needs confinement and treatment, when the mental illness becomes better with confinement and if the individuals pose a threat and risk for other people.

Section 17 Planned/Authorised Leave

This section provides for the provision in which the responsible medical officer may grant detained individuals under section 2 and 3 leave of absence for an indefinite or fixed duration. This will be granted to detained individuals who are not a threat to other people and may be in or not on the custody of the health official. The leave of absence can be revoked at any time especially when the individual exhibits behavior that is violent and unsafe.

When the patient is on leave of absence and the duration of the section in which he/she was detained ends, the patient cannot be recalled to the hospital anymore.


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